Wednesday , February 24 2021

The president announces that a payment of 360 billion TL will be made

During the epidemic period, while all segments of society were experiencing economic difficulties, inflation and changes in the dollar exchange rate upset the balance. Although our citizens were relieved with the low-interest loan policy implemented in the summer months, their existential problems began to increase as the pandemic lasted longer than expected. After these difficulties, all eyes turned to President Erdogan. Erdoğan gave good news to our citizens after the last government meeting. He stated that the aid payments to be made this year have been increased compared to the previous year.

Farmers were first on President Erdoğan’s agenda. According to divided statistics, 93% of farmers in our country now owe to banks. Giving a statement on the subject, Erdoğan said state aid to farmers would increase.

There has been a lot of support for our farmers, specific to the pandemic period. In these difficult days, the importance of agriculture and farmers was once again understood by all. As such, support packages to farmers from the state and banks were announced one after another.

In this environment, where the value of agriculture and farmers is being rediscovered, new support packages have come to the fore for our farmers. The development of events related to fertilizer to farmers, which was recently discussed at the last minute, has been experienced. Issues such as when support for fertilizers will come to farmers or when support for a pandemic to farmers will be on the agenda for a long time. The president clarified the issue after a government meeting.

The history of fertilizer support payments became clear at a government meeting held by President Erdoğan.


Following a government meeting Monday, new statements were made on many issues, especially curfew. In addition to the expected support for restaurant owners, the support of our farmers was also on the agenda.

After Mr. Erdogan’s speech, referring to the information on the payment of agricultural support, the issue of support to farmers and support to fertilized farmers became clear, which our citizens have been wondering for a long time.


President Erdogan gave good news to farmers by saying that support for fertilizers has been increased by 100% and doubled.


The assistance provided to our farmers will continue to increase in 2021.

Last-minute events regarding President Erdogan’s agricultural support are as follows;

  • There are two good news about the supports. Fertilizer support will be given to our citizens in the spring, while agricultural support payments will begin!


The good news and statements he made after the government meeting, President Erdoğan also touched on the date.

Stressing that the support for fertilizers will double, ie there will be a 100% increase, President Erdoğan from the spring period of the fertilizer carrier He shared the details that our citizens will be deposited in their accounts.


The support that our citizens will receive with the upcoming support and increase will be as follows;

  • Although the support that our citizens will receive from the state for cereal products such as wheat, barley, rye and oats has increased to 16 Turkish lira,
  • The amount of support that our farmers receive for organic and organic mineral fertilizers will increase to 20 Turkish lira.


Minister Pakdemirli made statements on agricultural support.

The Minister of Agriculture and Forestry would provide subsidies of up to 362 million Turkish lira to our citizens as part of the payment of agricultural support. Minister Bekir Pakdemirli agricultural aid payments will begin today. shared with our citizens.

According to Minister Pakdemirli, our citizens will be offered support of up to 362 million Turkish lira in 6 different areas.


According to figures shared by Agriculture Minister Pakdemirli, the amount of aid to be given is as follows;

  • While 231,894 citizens received state support for a total of 772,372 tons of milk, a total of 287,654,007 Turkish lira,
  • For animal genetic resources, our 3,687 citizens will receive a total of 51,191,248 Turkish lira.
  • A total of 12,015,223 Turkish lira will be given to 619 animal breeders to compensate for animal diseases.
  • For certified support in seed production to our farmers, 1170 companies will be paid 2,470,818 Turkish lira.
  • For the production of certified seedlings, this time, a grant of 3,706,106 Turkish lira will be paid to 73 producer citizens.
  • Finally, the amount of support to be provided by the government for tea pruning is 4,586,293 Turkish lira.

A total of 361,623,697 TL of aid was paid, according to figures released by Minister Pakdemirli.


Payments for milk will be made taking into account the identification number of our citizens.

Payments will begin Feb. 19 at 6 p.m. for those who have 8, 6 and 4 digits in the last digit of their ID numbers.

For numbers 0 and 2 payments will be made from 18:00 on February 26th.

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