Thursday , May 6 2021

The Samsung Galaxy A90 technical specifications have come to an end


South Korean technological div SamsungLast months Galaxy A and launched a series of smart mid-range phones that use double-digit numbering. The nine-member series will be presented at an event to be held on 10th of this month. One of the models to be presented on April 10th Galaxy A90All the technical features came in days of promotions.

Based on the information we have received, we can talk about the technical specifications of the device; Galaxy A90. 6.7 inches broad i 1080 x 2040 pixels resolution Super AMOLED comes with a screen. The power of the device is visible in the previous curves. QualcommSnapdragon 7150, a mid-range new generation processor that has not yet been introduced. 6 GB and 8 GB 2 different FRAME Capacity device, 128 GBhave internal storage.

Device, 48 MP (f / 2.0) The resolution of the main camera sensor, 8 MP (f / 2.4) Depth Sensor Resolution i ToF (f / 1.2) The sensor will have a three-way camera setting. These sensors have a sliding mechanism and can be rotated and used as a front camera.

3.700 mAh In power, 25W a battery pack with quick charge support, the device is very likely Android 9 Pie based One UI The operating system will be released from the box. 165 x 76.5 x 9.0 mm measurement i 219 grams weighing machine, silver colors. black and golden yellow The customer will find you with three different color options.

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