Monday , March 8 2021

The suspects were beaten to death

– In the district of Menderes İZMİR, worker Cüneyt Açıkgöz (31) filed a complaint with İzzet Y and Yiğit Ö, who stated that they had filed it. The 2 suspects allegedly sued for the home of Açıkgöz and beat and beat the house.
Cüneyt Açıkgöz, who lives in the Čamönü quarter, returns home from a bakery factory in Torbalı, where he works as a worker, İzzet Y. and Yiğit Ö. The path was interrupted. The suspects wanted to pay tribute to Açıkgöz. Cuneyt Acicgos, worried about security of life, had to give suspects the money they wanted. İzzet Y and Yiğit Ö, states that he has always wanted to give up the road after the incident and file a complaint with the public prosecutor. 2 suspects received statements on the objection, and were then released.
İzzet Y. and Yiğit Ö. He came to the house of Cüneyt Açıkgöz, who, after his release, complained to himself. The suspect who rings the bell and can not get the answer, broke the door and allegedly entered the house. The suspect beat Açıkgöz to death and fled with his money.
After this incident, Cüneyt Açıkgöz went to the Command of the Menderes District Gendarmerie and again regretted. Later, Açıkgöz, who went to the governor of Menderes District, was under state protection and placed in a shelter.
Cuneyt Açıggöz said he could not go to his house in Menderes and he did not have a life security and said, "They beat me with the staff for about half an hour. Those who made me this, waving their hands and can not handle it, can not arrest after I die, I want justice, "he said.

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