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TRT 1 Diriliş Ertuğrul 126. trailer! Death that shocked everyone …

"If my head is in pain, Ertuğrul Bey, speaking, prepares a field for war. TRT 1 screen recorder screens Diriliş Ertuğrul 126. trailer episode he breathes again. Crime plans of Dragos find a place, and the daily Alp starts the journey without return. In the back "Divine justice will come to those who set all the perpetrators." said Ertuğrul Söğütdeki to find the traitor. Here is the presentation of a new episode of the resurrection of Ertugrul and all the miracles …

DİRİLİŞ ERTUĞRUL 126 WHEN? We have a week?

Diriliş Ertuğrul 126, game Engin Altan Düzyatan, will be screened on TRT 1 on Wednesday, December 5th.

The Resurrection Ertuğrul 126th Section


Turgut, who took the key to his chest, gave it to Ertuğrul Bey and learned the name of the agent in Seljuk. Osman will save Gündüz from the hand of the İlbilge chicken but will not want to fight but talk to İlbilge with a chick and ask Ertuğrul to resolve the event and wait.

Turgut Alp will discover who Dragos decodes his necklace. It will hide for a while, and when it's safe, Ertuğrul Bey will say.

Although İlbilge Hatun may be angry, she will not hide her interest in Ertuğrul Bey and believe her and expect the incident to be clarified.

Dragos, on the other hand, will continue to obey the plans and lead to the death of Tekfura.

"If my son's hair is damaged, he will destroy the castle on his head," said Ertugrul Bey, who will prepare a war ground.


TRT1 screens that meet with the audience "Diriliş Ertuğrul" series have been held at the top of this week's episodes.

The history of Turkish television in gold scripts prints the world showing the success of 85 countries translated into more than 25 languages, and history telling the millions Diriliş Ertuğrulın with the last leg of the legends continued to connect the viewer to the screen. Udu Resurrection Ertuğrul z retained its top position in all rating groups from 17.14 to ABC1, 15.64 to EU and 14.33 to TOTAL.


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