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Up to 25-35 years! every day grows in Turkey

Canpolat, 1 December The World AIDS Day is a chronic illness that disturbs the quality of life of a recall because of its written statement, AIDS-induced HIV, an immune system ending up with contagious and contagious diseases.

Recalling that AIDS is the most common sexual contact, Canpolat continued:

"Protected and risky sexual contact is the most important way of transmitting in the world and our country at 49.8 percent. The simplest and safer way of protecting HIV is the use of condoms during sexual intercourse and monogamy. there are injections with intravenous drug use, blood transfusion, blood transfusion due to accidental penetration of needles to healthcare workers and rarely transmitted from mother to baby during deliveries or breastfeeding, syphilis and herpes genitalia) also increases HIV transmission 3 to 3 times, so these diseases must be evaluated at the same time. "

Canpolat, an HIV virus that causes AIDS, touch, hug, hands, tears, sweat and saliva, such as secretions; Pool, bathroom and toilet are not infected with common areas.

Canpolat, which describes the occurrence of diseases such as "height of fever", "anorexia and weight loss," when the HIV virus enters the body through the immune system of the body, eventually collapsed with various opportunistic microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and fungi and cancer symptoms. "herpes or wounds", "pulmonary diseases", "sweating at night", "diarrhea," "cough," "lymph node growth".


Assoc. Dr. According to data from 2017, Filiz Canpolat, World Health Organization / United Nations HIV / AIDS, according to data from 2017, most of the world, including Africa, estimates that 36.9 million people live with this virus, saving, shared the following information:

"In 2017, 1 million 800,000 new cases and 940,000 deaths from AIDS-related diseases have been identified, while 75% of infected people are aware of their own illness, as many as 9,4 million people are unaware of their own illness. 7,000 young women are HIV-infected. In Turkey, world-wide, HIV / AIDS diseases are estimated to be less common among countries.

In our country, from 1985 to 15 March 2018, there were 16,000 233 HIV () persons and 651 AIDS cases identified as positive by validation. 79.2% of cases were men, 20.8% were female and 15.2% were foreign nationals. The most common cases were age groups 30-34 and 25-29 years. In 2011, the number of HIV-positive persons in Turkey was 672, while in 2017 it was increased to 2 844 in 2017 and 121 thousand cases were reported. If you do not take immediate action for AIDS at age 25 to 35, it will be a very serious problem that increases and threatens public health. "

Canpolat said significant progress was made in treating the disease, antiretroviral treatment could be reduced, and infection could be prevented from mother to child, and protective vaccination studies are still underway.

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