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We've provided 20 tons of gold for the economy & # 39;

Uyan, correspondent of AA, according to a recent study on the golden approach of citizens in field research, especially in the group of 45 and over, most gold batteries still love to keep their gold under the pillow, he pointed out.

Putting gold into the economy of many pillars, highlighting the signing of the first Pledged Uyan, according to data from the third quarter of this year, gold banking, 58 percent among banks ranked first, with 13 percent of all banks in third place said.
Uyan, "Since the beginning of the year, about two tons of gold coins have brought the country's economy, and in 2011, the Gold Days application of 16 tons was launched, with our other applications in total, over 20 tons of gold brought our economy." He said.

Referring to the nine-month bank statement, Uyan stated that net profit for the nine-month period increased by 20.4 percent to $ 668 million compared to the same period last year, and total assets were 76.9 billion TL and self-employed 5 , 2 billion.

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Wake up, a fund raised of 55.3 billion TL and the amount of funds reached 53 billion TL, stating: "Growth rates increased the impact of the courses, but despite the increase in the exchange rate, the volume of TL funds in the first nine months 16 percent increased over the same period our share in the TL Fund by 14 percent in the same period, and we continued to consolidate our first place among the banks to participate in the size of the assets despite the year's increased interest rate and course activities.

ERE We provide support for financing large projects "

Director General of the Office Kuveyt Türk recalled that credit rating agencies, after a sharp rise in foreign currency, began receiving negative reports on the Turkish banking sector. Sector was morality. "found in the evaluation.
Uyan points out that such loans have been significantly reduced after the Mayor's decision on the currency clause (TAF) was adopted on May 2. Given that the TAFs are used by banks rather than by banks, the demand for participating banks will also be reduced. He said.

Uyan said they have so far funded $ 740 million in renewable energy and funded 15 percent of unlicensed GES projects that are currently in production.

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Project Čanakkale 1915 Bridge, provide 200m euros in providing financial support to Uyan, the Nega-Ankara Motorway Project, 100m euros in the financial support they have said.

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