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What to Do to Prevent Alzheimer's Disease? Eat these foods

Salih Gürel, who provided important information on Alzheimer's disease, has provided suggestions for the protection of this disease.

Alzheimer's is an illness that occurs with forgetting because of the age of age, it has problems in situations such as memory and speech and causes problems such as the inability to apply the requirements of everyday life. Alzheimer's disease, irreversible and progressive disease, is popularly called dementia. There is a disturbed brain function. Problems arise in thinking of a patient.

Alzheimer's disease can cause death 7-8 years after the onset of the symptoms. Today, in parallel to rising populations, prolonged life and increasing elderly populations, the frequency of AD, which is the most common type of dementia, is inevitable.

Hence maintaining a body mass index life in the normal range throughout life, especially during the aging process, and converting a healthy diet into a lifestyle of great importance to reducing the risk of AD. Older individuals, especially those who want to be protected from AD, must increase the intake of omega-3 fatty acids, food containing polyphenols and antioxidant vitamins.


Dietitian Gurel, Alzheimer's disease gives the following information about the food that protects:

Apple juice: It has been found that apple juice, which increases brain tissue production, increases the speed and accuracy of recall. This apple juice substance is also found in Aricept, a drug used to treat Alzheimer's disease. So eat one apple a day or in a juice.

Diabetes, a nutrition specialist with cinnamon weak, ineffective insulin strengthens. Because 80 million Americans have insulin resistance. Recent studies have shown that cinnamon can stop the onset of Alzheimer's disease. So add cinnamon in food and drink. Half a teaspoon of cinnamon is enough for many people. You can also take cinnamon as water-soluble in the food supplement.

Once considered unhealthy, coffee is now used as a tonic for aging the brain. Different chronic diseases that promote Alzheimer's work as scary. Investigation of men and women who drink 3-5 cups of coffee a day, the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease was reduced by 65 percent.

Mediterranean diet:
Green leafy vegetables, olive oil will keep you away from Alzheimer's disease. Nutrition in the Mediterranean style protects the brain from memory and dementia. Therefore reduce the risk of Alzheimer's, green leafy vegetables, fish, fruits, nuts, legumes to eat.

Reduce sugar:
Too much sugar creates Alzheimer's plaques in the brain. You need to go for a reduction in all types of sugar. Keep away from sweet non-alcoholic drinks, 330 ml of cans containing 8 teaspoons of sugar. Instead of freshly squeezed juice, ice tea without sugar or water.

Walking will calm your mind and improve your short-term memory. Research at the University of Michigan, walking on a wooden road short term memory is set to increase by 20 percent. Whether a person is walking in summer heat or in winter cold, the benefits of walking do not change.

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