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Who Is Immune In Survivor? Here are the nominations of the Eme

Survivor Turkey Greece's immunity team played the first match after being confused. The winning team is clear. Seda and Katerina Dalaka formed black and white teams. Two new teams played stunning games as they tried to adjust to each other. The number of shares is taken. So who was the candidate for eliminating the Survivor? Who Is Immune? What happened in the last part of Survivor …

After creating new teams in Survivor, it is worth mentioning that the white team, founded by Seda, won. The White Team won two immunities. Rule Acun Ilıcalı and two Turkish qualifiers to ensure balance between Turkish-Greek competitors will be announced. And who were the candidates for qualification in Survivor? Here are the names that will probably be forgiven from the island in Survivor İşte


Sabriye could not but stop tears because he could not get the show and could not attend the award for communication.

Atakan: We have no luxury to lose.

Joseph: If we lose immunity, the market will interfere.

Seda: We have the first match. If we take it, we'll handle everything.

Nikos: We promised each other as a white team. Nobody will leave us until the merger.

Tony: We must also give our souls and our bodies.

wisdom: We will not hold back because we got the first immunity.

Kyriakos: I think they will lose and fight each other.

Who is admitted to the TOUFFICITY game?

Acer is: Welcome to the game of destiny in Dominican Republic. All games in this game are real.

Black Team: 7 White Team: 10 Immunity White Team founded by Seda. The Black Team will set up two of the four Turkish competitors in the qualifying pot.


Acer is: Council of Black Team Elements. There will be two candidates and it will be Turks. Heavy night for a black team. You lost your first immunity after you passed through mixed teams. Why are you defeated?

Katerina: I'm happy with my choices. I will not judge the team over two lost games. I believe people with me. They are all good characters and competitors. I think the team is really a strong team.

Acer is: It will be a difficult vote. This vote will be among the Turks.

Joseph: I guaranteed the merger. But they all deserve it. I did what I could. I respect the other side. We have to be more serious. It's too early. We are adjusting to several games.

Acer is: I wonder what the team is strong. I vote. I want to promise a person from the winning team.

Good: We started very well. We have immunity. We are very well engaged as a team. We agree.

Acer is: This week you will get omelet and orange juice. I explain the winners of the success. women; Seda and Aphrodite. For men; Spyros and wisdom. Survivor will begin in 2019 with Turkish Greeks in qualifying teams. But let's note this. If the white team loses, the Greek contestant will begin to eliminate. Turkish and Greek will continue. According to the color of the team that he lost in the future, the contestant will continue as Turkish or Greek. You can move to another period in the future. Voting time. Jusuf is untouchable. First, the Turks will vote, and then the Greeks will vote.


Acer is: Two candidates were announced. One of them will be eliminated.

Honors: I've been proud of myself and her character as it is. There were two people who were supposed to be here. Melisa and Emre. They said we would write in the language of everyone according to the performance. The reason I was writing was because I won the car. After the merger will be bigger prizes. Then you can not be the winner.

Melissa: We're in the same pot with my best friend. My disadvantage. I'm on a platform against sports. I'm late with adaptation. I just develop. That's why I can not say much.

Wrinkle: Today I have another age. Surprised me. Because we are new but one of the biggest contributors to the Turkish team was Sudeydi. They did something so that 3 people in Sude 2 wrote Emre. I wish they had the courage and could argue with Melissa if she could write it. Very successful competitor in water. I'm very embarrassed.

Joseph: I want to tell the whole team. There are 5 Turks in this team. Five people here deserve to re-unite. I did not understand how lucky you won. I did not show joy when I got immunity. I want to say something to Boris. Comment on our decisions.

Honors: We had a very short time before we arrived here. I said I would write Melis or Emre. Yusuf and Atakan, we have no idea they said, they all said equal pressure to balance. We all said you won the car. They then pulled Emrea away and they made a strategy.

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