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Why does not the movie have so many scenes?

In the movie, he criticized the less-favored Müslüm Gürses who cut off with the razor. Ketche and Hakan Günday explained the reason for that.

here Contact Hakana directly and Ketche & # 39;From the title description:


In the movie Müslüm Gürses it is almost like dervish. Was he a very good man?

Hakan Günday: Let's stress that there is no archive of Müslüm Gürses life. As resumes grow, they are a whole with the weaknesses of people, more often referred to as weaknesses, this will be more valued. Since despite all the weaknesses, all the amazing achievements have come true. In this case, that was his way of expressing himself.

Why does the biographical product so attract the masses?

Hakan Günday: Given that we are living in geography where every individual who has made remarkable products, despite enormous challenges, the whole lesson and experience. How nice it is to know all these names and we know the trouble. Despite all these paintings, despite what he wrote, what was abandoned and walked in that way. I think it is important that different parts of society admit each other. When people watch these things, they reinterpret their lives.


Muslins Gurses identified, cut with a razor blade showed a very short film. Why?

Ketchum to: The True Love of Muslima, the Razors & # 39; they came to shoot. But when we open the song, these people hit their heads on the walls, trying to cut out, "What are you doing?" When we say, "Muslims do not understand," they say. We have a lot of weird pictures, but there are no movies in the movie. We did not want to keep the age limit.

Hakan Günday: Damage to the behavior of Muslim fans has already blown the fan. This guy says, "We are with you, hurt yourself, hurt you, we are all in the same universe, we are one, we can not do anything because of the conditions in which we live, we do not live in a world where our value is not known as human, we do not live in the world that tells us, that's our protest. " You do not have to show all those moments to tell you that. When I left the hospital, I wrote Müslüm Gürses's dialogue as "They complain." Music Müslüm Gürses is also the melody of this era.


What about the scenes of violence against Muhterem Nura?

Hakan Günday: I think he even talks about his problems. The murder of mother and baby is at the top of the violence. Even if someone who was exposed to this behavior seems to have overcome the problem, there is no trauma. Violence is a chain that is transmitted from generation to generation. This chain is a story when I break up at one point. He believes that two people should see this as a problem and solve it. They solve this with the Reverend. This scene in a movie is a place where a violent stopping stops. "We've got repaired," she says.

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