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Winners of the "Export Stars" Award

Turkey Exporters of the World Bank News Agency and DHL Express in the sponsorship of Akbanka and organized in co-operation with Turkcell's communication sponsor "Export Stars" winners of the competition were established.

Turkish export of leading successful companies received the "Export Stars" organization this year, Deputy Trade Minister and Deputy Minister of Defense Batu Bud Yilmaz Deren took part in Muhsin time 17 ..

22 companies in 11 categories were awarded among the 298 companies in the competition, where exporters recognized their contribution to economic growth.

"In 2018, we provided the support of our 143 designers abroad for education and life."

Deputy Minister of Trade Yilmaz Batur Bud Speaking on the program, Turkey has a growth model based on production and export guidance, design and said to increase its support with a focus on brand development.

Batur, providing export support information, "as a product and technology in international production, and without creating an international branding and export data, we can not be so able to raise. In 2018, we supported the education and life of our 143 designers abroad We are working to make our country a better place in the Innovation and Design League. "in the form.

Muhsin Deren, Deputy Minister of Defense, also stressed the work they have done in Turkey over the last few years in the defense industry, said they are proud of the achievements of companies in the defense industry.

Dere, small businesses are growing and becoming an exporter in the middle of the pyramid to point out that there are many ways to go: "We have shown serious efforts to prevent dependence on foreign countries, but companies have already entered the competitive environment because they do not enter into a competitive environment As a result, our companies have started to find a place in the world competition and we have set up a company to solve a long bureaucratic period for our aging companies to deliver.

"They are secret priests"

Turkey Exporter of Exhibitors (TIM) President Ismail Shot, the increased propensity of trade protectionism, has achieved great success as the country reached the peak of the threat of global economy being left out, pointing out the following:

"Following the organization from the very beginning, these heroes are not at the top of the export scale, they may not count as recorders, but they have an important role in value-added production and exports, they are innovators, they sell goods to niche markets, they are Hearing the inspirational stories of these companies, we will learn how to navigate to new markets, we are a family of 72 thousand exporters with strong links and we export to more than 250 countries around the world.

"We are still with our clients"

Mr. Mehmet Tugal, Executive Vice President of Akbank Commercial Banking, also stated that 2019 is also important to them in terms of export support.

Sıra As Akbank continues to help our export customers in international competition. In addition to the loans provided by our brand, we offer all our short-term and long-term loans to our valuable exporters as well as financial support under favorable conditions under our TIM's cooperation protocol. insurance, factoring, treasury products and the protection of financial products from risks continue to serve our exporters. "

Marketing Director Turkcell Ömer Barbaros Yisi emphasized that Turkcell, as the first digital operator in the world, has not only added value to the country's economy but a quarter-century experience but also played a leading role in digital exports.

He emphasized that availability, speed, cost advantage and real-time performance in the supply chain are important for export.

"What our company accomplishes is an important trace for the future."

DHL Express Sales Assistant General Manager responsible for BOGAC Özsan Turkey at every step of the interconnection of the world said that it is very valuable, "he established the world of our roles, we have undergone the strengthening of international trade like Turkey for further strengthening of trade links assigns important responsibility." He said.

World News Editor-in-Chief Hakan Güldağ said that the Stars of Export competition encouraged exporters morally and financially.

There were 22 companies in 11 categories

On the award of the "export" prize to the nominal award last year, the highest increase of Colakoglu Metalurgija, Toscelik profile and captain of the awarded metal, signed the exported product for the first time from Turkey to award e-Berke, Textile Mogul and Dermokil "Original Product". were determined to be ".

Isinde Unlimited Bands K Fatinoğlu Holding, Morton Medikal and Mutlu Pasta were awarded with Kaft Design in the Mede-Export hi-tech category by winning export awards in most countries and adding diversity to product exports. The winner of the "Service Champion" category was VLMEDIA Software.

Taking advantage of Turkey's quality of support, Bantbor was chosen as Tur Turkish Turkish champion, enhancing his paintings in Turkey. "Innovation Champion of the R & D Center" was Tunay Food, "Yüksel Tohum", "The Biggest Green Champion" of Netpak Packaging. "The Innovation Champion" Vezirköprü Forest Products, "The Collaboration of Universities and Industry"

Tirsan Kardan won the "Longest Performance of Exports" award. Ak Degirmen Machinery, Aquaculture Aquaculture, Akbaslar Textile and Eco Food Food have been awarded the "Special Prize". MİLGEM won the "Great Jury Prize".

Special support for export stars

According to the above data, 22 companies were awarded in export stars, DHL Express, Dunya Newspaper, Akbank and Turkcell.

DHL Express, a leader in fast air transportation, offers free shipments to foreign companies based on manufacturers and exporters.

The World Newspaper gives all winners a free subscription for 1 year; The Akbank Wings Business Card, along with the advantages of the Akbank Wings Business Card, will be used in all categories of companies, institutions and organizations to be used in domestic and foreign travel; 150,000 miles will be awarded the first, 85,000 miles to the other, and 45,000 to a third.

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