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6 Common causes of infertility among women

Asma Lamnour wrote on Saturday, November 10, 2018. 09:49 – Fertility problems are endangered by many women, and infertility prevents them from forming a family they have long been associated with, and infertility divides a number of causes, according to standard media.

Damage to the channel

If the mucus tube is damaged or does not work effectively due to clogging, it will prevent the sperm from reaching the egg cell for fertilization, and this condition prevents the introduction of fertilized egg into the uterus.

Cervical uterus

Tissues that fall under the uterus may grow out, and these tissues often grow in the ovaries and the oviduct, causing irregular menstruation and inability to reproduce.

Police ovary

Embolism is a hormonal disorder that causes small sores on the edges of the external ovary and leads to male hormone production more than usual, often causing cycle irregularities and increases the risk of diabetes and obesity.

Cerebral cirrhosis

Many women suffer from fibrosis, which is a non-carcinogenic muscle growth in the uterus, fibroids usually grow on the womb and inside the cavity and rarely extend to the outer surface.


Thyroid hormone is key to regulating women's ovulation, and this gland plays an important role in the formation of pregnancy, therefore a low level of thyroid hormone can lead to ovarian ovulation, causing infertility.

Number and quality of eggs

Women's ovaries produce different quantities of eggs each time, and sometimes eggs are not very effective for successful pregnancy due to several factors, including age affecting egg quality.

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