After the news of her marriage soon .. Reem Baroudi receive a special gift on Valentine's Day

Reem Elbaroudy yyy

Although the news of its association with the Egyptian journalist is still uncertain, Egyptian artist Reem Al-Baroudi continues to focus on her personal life and takes part in numerous occasions and private parties with her friends.

Reem followed an impressive video of her fans on her birthday and Valentine's Day, a large number of soundtracks in which they expressed her great love for her and put behind them the song "Makdrash I" Amr Diab.

She also wrote her a long letter about her birth last month, except for the love of the Egyptians and wearing many expressions of love, describing it as "life."
Baroudi, on the other hand, could not express his feelings and surprise that surprise, and only commented sincerely: "Medicine, I say, after all the words and love, God blessed you, love is a blessing and a great responsibility, the Lord always remains for your good. "

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