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Al-Ittihad Newspaper – – Qualification – Launch – 12 -inch version of the championship – Salik



The winners of the last edition (from the source)

The winners of the last edition (from the source)

Dubai (Al Ittihad)

Heritage Heritage Center Hamdan Bin Mohammed has revealed the details of the 12th edition of Selva's championships, and qualifications will begin on 2 and 3 February at the Al Marmoush tournament.
The tournament will be open for both amateur and professional teams, and qualifying tournaments for the professional category will be held the next day at 1000 meters, and the amateur and professional category will be held on Sunday at 2500 meters and the finals will be held on February 19th.
The rules and regulations of the championship are determined by placing a ring that is obtained by electronic chip for each participant in order to track the results with precision and transparency. The participant's participation score is calculated upon arrival on the target line and each person can participate in any number of races. Professional 2500 meter gauges for amateurs and professionals during qualifying and finals for men and women.
Suad Ibrahim Darwish, the director of the tournament department at the Center, confirmed that the tournament is one of the most important and most prestigious tournaments in heritage, and that is one of the events that attracts a large number of participants, and is held in Al Marmoum 11, which was used to embrace the most important races in the country.
"We are happy to organize tournaments of the world class heritage, and we are always preparing to organize any competition. We are working to overcome the difficulties, and we want to make it easier for everyone to participate in tournaments in heritage," she said.
She added that the center has made every effort to preserve the cultural heritage related to the history of the state and the region as a whole, including Salik tournaments, a sport where grandparents and grandparents were able to adapt and train fishermen on fishing. The skill of trying to use everyday nutrition, generations inherited this skill and kept it for the present.
She explained: "We want to follow the procedures recognized in accordance with international standards, start examining the candidate for participation in the medical examination, and install a special slide that will facilitate the identification process during and after the race, with the exact measurement and the track remains the issue of arbitration, the winner of the race is decided, and certainly the tournament shows the competitor's ability to train and choose a good breed that can win. "
"We have received early requests from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman to participate in amateur and professional categories, so we look forward to increasing the number of participants in this edition, which makes the tournament a great gulf event. We will wait until the end of the registration to determine the final number of runners but in principle it should not be less than the number of games in the category 1000 meters for men and 3 games for females, while amateur class 2500 meters will reach 4 tracks for men and 4 other women, M 3 works for men and 3 lbs And for women.

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