Tuesday , January 26 2021

American singer describes Trump as "heartless"

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Shahab Mohammed – Khartoum – Bay 365:

US singer Katy Perry has attacked US President Donald Trump and has criticized him for the California fire note that forced tens of thousands of people to evacuate quickly, including many


At a song early on Saturday, Trump accused the Kalifornian fire at local authorities and threatened to deny the state of federal funds if the problem of misusing funds to combat natural disasters did not solve it.

"The only reason California's big fire that causes heavy losses and deaths is poor forest management, billions of dollars are awarded each year, and people are still dying, all because of poor forest management," Trump said on his Twitter page. There will be more federal funds.

Katy Perry re-released the Trump tweet and commented that it was "heartless".

"This is a frustrating reaction at all, politics is not behind fire, all that leaves good American families in their homes in search of shelters during Twitter," she said.

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