Sunday , October 20 2019
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"Apple" withdraws license from "Facebook" in response to a breach of its rules

Apple abolished some Facebook developer privileges after reports that Blue Web Management has paid users to download a user data collection application.

Apple spokeswoman told CNBC on Wednesday that Facebook broke its policy by distributing a consumer data collection application, so Apple canceled corporate certificates that allow Facebook to distribute an app tracking application to users. .

Veredge's website cited an unmentioned source that says early versions of Facebook, Entragam, Messenger, and other beta applications stopped working like other functional apps.

Facebook treats this newcomer as a serious internal problem because the applications in question are no longer published on employee phones.

Closure comes after the Facebook search newsgroup has collected very private data from paid volunteers since 2016.

Facebook allegedly paid the volunteers 13 to 35 years of age, about $ 20 a month, in exchange for a VPN download, allowing them to get details of all the activities of users on mobile phones and the Internet.

Facebook is a breach of Apple's privacy policy, and after Facebook's announcement announces the end of programs on Apple's devices.

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