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Arab Union for Physical Education Debates in Cairo on Strategy for Improving School Sports

Published on 30/01/2019 – 23:01

School The Arab Union for Physical Education and Sports organizes a second conference of government officials on athletic sport in the Arab world, called "Strategic Plan for Improving School Sports in the Arab World" on March 5 and 6, in Cairo at the margins of Arabian School of Handball and Table Tennis held during the 2nd to the 13th of March.
The conference is open to all researchers and officials in charge of school sports in Arab countries in various fields and elements selected for participation in research and field and scientific experiments, and aims to develop possible solutions to various problems related to physical education and school sports in Arabic world. In order to promote school sports, researchers in the field and all officials in this area are invited to express their views and attitudes in order to effectively contribute to the enrichment of scientific discussion that is useful in solving these problems.
The chairman of the conference was Sa & amp; d bin Sanad Al-Sind, Saudi Arabia as president, Dr. Muammar Amrani, Algeria as the first vice president, and Iman Hassan, Egypt, as second vice president.
The theme of the conference is four main themes: The first theme: the current reality of teaching physical and sports education in the Arab world, and the second part: improving the work of teachers and supervisors of physical education and sports and the third: sporting sport in the Arab world. In promoting Arab identity and common Arab actions.
Dr. Iman Hassan, the chairman of the High School Committee for the Arab School and Vice President of the Commission, overseeing the conference, said that this conference was in line with President Abdullah Fattah al-Sisi's invitation to school sports and would be a good opportunity to find realistic solutions through topics which will be presented by the conference. For discussion, and therefore the submission of recommendations that directly contribute to the development of school sports and the development of school staff of teachers and physical education mentors in schools, which will have a positive impact on our children in schools at home. Arab.


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