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Artistic stars in the Arab world worship victims of a bloody incident in New Zealand

A large number of art and media stars in Egypt and the Arab world expressed condolences to the victims of a bloody incident at Christchurch, New Zealand, after two extremists attacked the mosques, killing 49 people and wounding dozens.

"May Allah exhort the martyrs of a severe terrorist crime in the New Zealand mosque and make them widespread in their crimes, healing the wounded and the kindness of their families," said Nabil Al-Halafawi, a Twitter on his social network Twitter. Unite the world to eradicate it from the root of security, intellectual, political and social. "

"Terrorist incident in New Zealand is a madness of extremism or madness of madness. May Allah envy the martyrs of terror throughout the universe, if God, in all those who intentionally or ignorantly support terrorism," wrote Lebanese artist Sirin Abdelnour. "Today is a big headache, a terrible massacre in New Zealand, with innocent lives praying in the mosques, the criminal is mentally ill and does not know God," he urged officials. "Where did you kill innocent Muslims in New Zealand today, and Christians in the churches of Nigeria and Egypt" and condemned Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram, Mahed and Kut, "How will crime, murder and destruction continue?" She continued: "Our hearts with the innocent people who have become victims of a terrible terrorist attack on the two mosques in New Zealand coincide with the prayers on Friday, he said.

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"It's very scary what happened in New Zealand, the cold of the nerve, the music photography, the smooth implementation, as if you were in a world where individuals are just targets exhausted from their human dimension," said Mona Abuhamzah, media reporter of Lebanon. Great Design and Planning Power? "

"Surviving God in Martyrs of a Terrorist Incident in New Zealand mosques, the murder of peaceful Muslims during prayer on Friday is the most sincere, sincere condolences to martyrs' families," commented artist Hani Ramzi, Speaking: "O Lord of Grace for Martyrs … martyrs do not die", wrote is artist Yusuf Sharif through his account on "Twitter": "God and that agent."

And the artist Hani Salama, an incident video that claimed the deaths of a large number of Muslims during the performance of Friday prayers in the mosque in New Zealand, through his official account at the place of exchange of pictures and videos of the famous "Instagram" and commented on the Naaya martyr video, said: t Force other than Allah and God and that agent .. Mavish any existing religion allows Bkdh .. Terrorism has no religion.

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