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"Award for excellence in education" represents a turning point for the educated society

Sharjah –

His Majesty Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammed bin Sultan Al Qasimi, deputy mayor of Sharjah, said that the award for excellence and upbringing excellence in Sharjah, which celebrates its silver jubilee this year, marks a milestone and is one of the most important pillars of Sharjah's strategy for construction and development educated society. Future, which is a guarantee for the future of the homeland.

"This year marks the 25th anniversary of Sharjah's excellence and excellence in education, and we sincerely thank His Highness Sheikh, Dr. Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qassim, a member of the Supreme Council and the Sharjah ruler, on the continued patronage of HH Education and Learning and His Permanent Guidance Highnesses for the development of rewards and appreciation of value and encouragement for further excellence. "

HH Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, a member of the Supreme Council and Governor of Sharjah, has been working for more than four decades under the leadership of His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qassimi, a member of the Supreme Council and Sharjah ruler, in a strategy that included the whole community and focused on the first brick, our daughters and students, and to work on motivating and encouraging the success and gathering of flags, according to the highest levels and in the vision of insight based on the building of a society armed with knowledge and knowledge, has established an emirate to achieve this, many advanced educational institutions and academically attracted you the best Quad T's.

His Majesty added that "injustice continues to be highly valued moral honor and great motivation to encourage sons and daughters to stand out in learning, in line with the requirements of the educational area that constitutes a security valve for the community."

He stressed that, after more than 25 years, the award has been working towards achieving its goals and promoting the culture of excellence in the educational process of students, teachers, mentors, schools, parents and others and encourages them to all the categories celebrated in each of them Make Science and Excellence and Education Building the Foundation for Future Generations.

He stressed that the prize is a prize for opening the door of the competition among the students of sons and daughters, and that the quest for the Sharif Prize for the Race of Excellence, and the gratitude for the prize increases the scientific and educational abilities and develops them among the students … Of course, the Sharjah Award for Excellence educational excellence As one of the most important pillars of Sharjah emirates' strategy in building and developing an educated society and society of knowledge, which depends on it in the future, it is a guarantee for the future of the country.

He pointed out that, in accordance with Emirates' Sharjah Directives, to support and develop areas of knowledge among students, emir uses innovations and modern artificial intelligence to serve the reward goals and developed in line with the policy of developing rewards continuously to absorb the latest technological and scientific achievements.

"We encourage our sons and daughters to try to develop their abilities and talents and work hard to acquire science. It is a safety valve for their future and a guarantee for the path of knowledge through which civilized and developed countries go through. That is what we hope for which we do, "he said. And that their participation in the rewards and their victory continues their superiority and love for science and success.

Dr. Saeed Musabah Al Kaabi, President of the Sharjah Education Council, said: "Sharjah's Award for Excellence and Excellence in Education, since its inception 25 years ago, has created great mobility in the field of education and has inspired many teachers to participate in prize categories. victory and loss, but the importance of educational standards, prepared by experts and intelligible young people, are preparing to open the way and ensure the standards and foundations of excellence.

He added that excellence and excellence were recently measured by students and their parents according to the criterion of access to high scientific degrees, and today these standards differed, and excellence and excellence were measured by students' skills, hobbies, volunteer work and other areas.

The Sharjah Education Council Chairman pointed out that Sharjah's award for excellence and excellence in education became a good start in the field of education, and many similar awards were also launched at the state level, some of which reached the international level. Shaikh Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, a member of the Supreme Council and the Sharjah ruler, and his Majesty Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammed bin Sultan Al Qasimi, the Prestolonas and deputy ruler of Sharjah, and the first sponsor of education in Sharjah Emirate, His Majesty the Governor of Sharjah, Jawaher Bint Mohammed Al Qasimi, President of the Supreme Council for Family Affairs.

He emphasized that the prize during her career had the development opportunities that enabled her to fully accomplish her mission, and each phase adds categories and annuls other categories based on the mobility of the educational community. The best way to use social networks, the extent of student activity, and interaction in these modern tools, has been the method and the way of evaluating the prize.

In addition to raising the value of prizes for different categories and allocating additional resources to care for talented people after winning the prize through their participation in training programs in proportion to their future aspirations, so many of them took top positions in the state.

Her. Mohammed Al Mulla, the General Secretary of the Sharjah Acts, said: "The 25th edition of the Sharjah Award for Excellence and Excellence in Education was received in the first phase by a large number of students and teachers, of whom 353 were involved in 8 state-level workshops "He explained that at the next session of the award would be a direct cooperation with the Ministry of Education to actively participate in it and add new strategic partners from the country and abroad to develop their standards."

He added that he could reach the arbitration stage of 167 participants, including 95 students, 30 teachers, 7 public and private kindergartens, and 2 in the category of director of the scope, and 12 in the category of educational research, and 2 parent classes together with other participants respondents. And visiting students at school and family, pointing out that the final results of the award will be announced at a press conference that will be held next Monday, which will be March 18, and that the ceremony will take place on May 1 next day at the Gawhar Conference Center and events.

Al-Mulla explained that Sharjah's excellence and excellence excellence was born 25 years ago in a competitive environment in education and has become a source of pride for all those who have won the honor of winning and creating more recognizable icons . Sharjah Education will study the establishment of "museums" in the coming years with the most prestigious award-winning projects and best practices.

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