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Ayman Zidan joins the sponsors

Syrian artist Ayman Zeidan has been living in Beirut for some time now. Zidane has been offered a Syrian satellite "Lana" to present a new program, laying the foundations of his vision and called "Sibya." It is clear that Syrian television "Lana", supported by businessmen in the Syrian regime, is again trying to attract more Syrian stars in favor of promoting them in the first place.

Amal Arafa
After Amal Arafa entered the Amal Program, she was severely criticized for her poor preparation, talking to the Lesson in Singing and Acting, the responsibility of production that puts her in the grip of weakness from the very beginning and reduced the glamor and success of Amal Arafa, But this time, the idea of ​​delivering the program did not help her. Arafa is expected to enter the second season of his program. But the point is blind to this in the current period and responded to some other artistic ideas that will be implemented in Beirut by the next spring. The Syrian station trying to play the artist's tune to save and achieve a good viewing ratio, transformed in the case, to secure success, missed most of the Syrian satellite channels due to the stagnation it suffered. But there is no doubt that there is a vision that can be proportional to the ambition of a station fighting for survival through interaction with people with stars or celebrities who can put them out of the local competition and the weakness of Syrian stations under the regime of the Supreme Authority.

The "Lana" headquarter in Beirut has its headquarters for photographing its work and preparing for multiple programs, according to specific information. Even if production staff in Beirut are poorly compared to expensive production, due to the inevitability of radio stations in the world of television production. No new ideas are ever trying to take advantage of it. The attempt at the beginning was incomplete in terms of weakness, as it happened with Amal Araf, and then the experience of the Lebanese television program Rabaa al-Zayat, which is popular among Syrian spectators. However, Zayat did not bring anything new, on the contrary, the "Laha" program, which was broadcast for five years in Lebanon's "New" station, changed to "Lebanon", with a slight change in the name of Syrian artists met between Damascus, Aleppo, Lattakia and Striking, weak dialogues came as some kind of neglect of the viewer.

Ayman Zidan with the elderly
Ayman Zidane is in Beirut and hosts a series of meetings during the day featuring 15 episodes of social program featuring memories of older people of different nationalities with the help of the Lebanese team, directed by Jean Haddad, who oversaw the technical details. The characters were seen as Zidane's guest, older than seventy. Women and men talk about the story of their lives, the phases that gave them the force or gap that made them weak in the positions that had passed for years. Ayman Zidane received the name of the color, "Sibya" color, made of brown and red, and the other interpretation of "Cybia" as the name of the sea animal.

The topics of the program, according to the information, consist of three passages, and recording at the restaurant "Al-Saha" a religious institution that prevented Zidane's singing during the recording, and he had to record songs at one of the theaters in Hamri. The duration of the dialogue is a full hour, in which Ayman Zidane asks all the questions he wants after the guest signs a production agreement to refrain from withdrawing from his statements and allowing the episode to appear. So, Ayman Zidane once again presented the world of television screenings, following his experiences on the competition programs that were "fashion" at the beginning of this century. "Your Weight of Gold" (1998) and "The Meeting of the Generation" (2009) will be the "reason" for changing the sample of social programs and taking lessons of the elderly.

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