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Business Reliability Reliability Index in Abu Dhabi – Dubai

Abu Dhabi, November 5, 2005 (WAM) – General Business Confidence Index
In the Emirates of Abu Dhabi, during the second quarter of 2018, the Department of Development was issued
The economic situation in Abu Dhabi stabilized at the summit of the results of each indicator of the situation
Future situation and assessment of company status.

According to the results of the indicators, efforts and initiatives are expected to contribute
Economy and development led by the government of Abu Dhabi in improving appearance
The business sector on the prospect of emulation economy, and then promoting
Levels of trust and optimism in business enterprises to help increase levels
Reliability of Abu Dhabi consumers in boosting demand for commodities
Services and improved object evaluation.

According to the results of the index, business assessment of the situation
Economic growth in the second quarter of 2018 stabilized at neutrality
The same level in the first quarter of the same year as the result of the index
Assess the installation of a group of factors at the level of their internal conditions such as size
Sales, profit level and others.

The future stock index, which recorded around 50 points in the second quarter
In 2018 it reflects the state of expectation and provision in business prospects
About the economic conditions in the third quarter of this year.

The Government's announcement is expected to reflect on a number of initiatives and programs
Including the stimulus package and the Abu Dhabi program
For development accelerators / tomorrow 21 / and others positively on the vision and promotion of the business sector
Trust levels for the future.

According to economic activity, the results of the Global Climate Trust Index are presented
Companies are different from facilities that operate in various activities in the future of the situation
Economic growth during the third quarter of 2018 and the highest level of optimism
From facilities that work in technology and communication activities where a status indicator is recorded
The future is about 57 points, followed by construction activity and industry for about 53 points
For both.

The size of the facility shows the trends of the total confidence index in the climate
Business optimism continues among big companies during the quarter
Second since 2018.

The levels recorded by the current status indicators also show a closer look
Content of various types / large, medium and small / for your conditions during
The second quarter of 2018 is based on an assessment of its internal situation
The level of factor range that is represented in the volume of production, stock size,
Sales, profits and employment.

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