Friday , March 5 2021

Cadillac launches XT4 during the SOLE DXB festival

During its participation in the largest regional cultural festival (SOLE DXB), Cadillac introduced the new XT4, the first compact SUV that has built a top brand Cadillac continues its policy of expanding the family of products by 2020, Mobility and the desire to upgrade leadership experiences, which usually attracts this an annual event that is organized for three nights and two days.

The Seoul DXP 2018 will be held from 6 to 8 December, and the young and young audience will provide an exclusive opportunity to get to know the brand new XT4 for the first time within Cadillac's prestigious activities. He enjoyed the brand.

"The Seoul DxP performance is one of the largest cultural festivals in the UAE and is fully in line with our core values," commented Christian Sommer, CEO Cadillac Middle East.

As a brand, we always look for innovative ways to connect with young customers and consider the Seoul DxP a perfect platform for introducing the first compact Cadillac SUV. The first festival visitors in the region who are familiar with the XT4, which will shade with the latest technology, are looking forward to this joint celebration.

The Middle East is one of the key Cadillac areas, an ideal market for all new XT4, where the younger generation is the largest segment of the population.

"We are very excited that the Cadillac was chosen as a launch platform for the new XT4," said Raj Malhotra, co-founder of the Seoul DxP event. "Dealing with the audience is one of the pillars of our relationship. This partnership is a successful case that needs to be considered in terms of partnership and creative innovations that may arise from co-operation between a global company and an independent initiative such as Soul DSP.

In the prestigious American brand and the annual festival of fashion and art, in 2017 it announced a three-year long-term contract, and now, after two years of successful and constructive cooperation, this partnership will continue until 2019.

Last year, Cadillac made a big mess after announcing he had "Andy Warhol" in his final version of the 2017 Soul Dxp, especially since this legendary artist was among the most influential people of the twentieth century.

During the event, rare messages were quickly followed by Warhol's personal experiences and relationships.

Cadillac seeks to further enhance standards through a unique activity that provides Cadillac with a real experience, providing a platform for the regional representation of the XT4 vehicle, which the enthusiasts were eagerly awaited.

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