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Cairo Film Festival ends … Where did it succeed? Where did he fail?

The opening of the Cairo International Film Festival (CIFF) on Thursday was marked by awarding awards in the midst of various assessments of the success of this artistic event and many mistakes and kindness during the 10 days, which saw more than 160 films from 59 countries.

The festival ended with the withdrawal of $ 20,000 audience voices due to technical problems in the application of electronic voting. The Golden Pyramid, the most prestigious festival awards, was directed by Alvaro Brichner (Uruguay).

The festival management seems to have made a big mistake when it has not since the beginning announced a clear voting mechanism for the public prize. It is common for international festivals to vote during film shows by distributing public works of the public, which the administration did not do.

The Administration has announced an electronic application to vote days before the conclusion. Of course, the Egyptian film at the international competition was often the only candidate for the prize. It appears that the government has decided to withdraw the prize so as to avoid controversy over its credibility.

Film director at the Malik Khoury University commented on his page on the siteFacebook will cancel the public bidding hours before publishing the results of one of the Almahazal groups that the festival organized.

The Golden Pyramid Award was awarded to Argentine director Alvaro Brechner (Al Jazeera)

Good movies
Most of the Egyptian films were presented with the "full number" of Egyptian films, and they also allowed the free participation of film students and workers in the industry, which is why the audience in the halls of most movies became different competitions, unlike the previous ones.

The festival has witnessed a series of seminars and lectures presented by directors from the Arab world and the world, such as English actor Ralph Fynz, Danish director Bill Auguste and others.

He also testified at the fifth session of the Cairo Film Forum, which collected a number of film projects in the development and postproduction phases, and was characterized by the presence of various projects from Arab countries.

On the other hand, the festival was a witness to the discussions about the level of the Egyptian films that took part, and the movie An Outside Night won the admiration of the audience, and the opinions differed from strange experiences such as Ahmed Magdy, Ahmed Fawzi Saleh, "Otrovani" There is no one. "

Three of the best-selling Arab movies have won the Arabian Competition ($ 15,000), the Salah Abu-Saif Award for the Special Jury and the United Nations Award.

The film was controversial for unusual and unusual style, and his story sparked controversy over the unusual relationship between a man and a nurse.

The film "Crime Imopia" was a weird phenomenon of the nature of the movie's films, and some wondered why the selection of the show, even criticized journalist Tariq al-Shennawi, described it as a crime full-screen cinema.

"With the tendency to impose on a large segment of filmmakers, which is a limited cinema, it's usually short of pay, but it never diminishes creativity," he wrote.

Egyptian director Tamer Ezzat commented on his Facebook page that the Cairo festival this year is much better because of his competition with the El Gouna festival that was held two months ago.

Some of the members of the jury are director Abu Bakr Shawqi, director of "Yoad El Din" and member of the jury (Al Jazeera)

Critics and journalist Ahmed Atef Durrat published on their Facebook page an objection to the participation of films by President Mohammad Hafizi's Festival in official selections such as "Fire Balloon" and "Day of Religion" in the "Egyptian Panorama" section.

Atef also objected to the choice of "night out" in the official competition. The film was supposed to be distributed by the conservatory company before the producer told the film's signing ceremony.

He also objected to the film "Peace and Snakes" for the creation of a film that was presented during the ceremony of Hisham Nazih, Hafiz uses the company with whom he has work relations to organize a series of festive events.

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