Sunday , May 16 2021

Campaign for measles vaccination in Australia

Australia launched a massive awareness raising campaign Monday to encourage citizens to receive vaccine against measles, especially those who travel abroad, with a significant increase in the number of victims to news stories.

The World Health Organization (WHO) announced in 2014 that Australia has eradicated these smallpox, causing heat, cough and skin sensitization, but the vaccine movement in developed countries has led to a reappearance of the disease.

In rare cases, measles can be deadly, and the Australian Academy of Science prepares awareness-raising materials, including videos, to raise awareness of the need for complete vaccination.

Australian Health Minister Greg Hunt said several cases were recorded in the most populous New South Wales region, the last of which was Sunday, and two people returned from vacation in the Philippines.

Hunt said 83 cases of measles were recorded this year, compared with 103 last year and 81 in 2017.

"I'm worried about the recent rise in measles in Australia and I want to ensure that our society is protected from this dangerous disease," the minister said in a statement.

He warned that an amendment to the vaccination schedule for Australians born between 1966 and 1994 could cause some people to get one dose of vaccine instead of two, making them more vulnerable to infections.

In Australia, 93.5% of children received 2 doses of measles vaccine at the age of 2 years.

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