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Capernaum and Stadions of Freedom. Playtime and message of hope generation of the movie

Emad Mourad – Doha

Zain lives in a poor family and misses the basics of life because of neglecting and poverty of her parents. Finally he arrives in jail for a television call to ask his family to face justice.

Zein won the 71nd Cannes Film Festival, and was nominated for director Nadine Labaki for the Oscars. The programmer is at the Ajyal festival, which opened in Qatar on Wednesday night and continues on Monday.

The film, which represents the situation of marginalized children in the Arab region, is a cry in front of the Arab community to encourage the preservation of children who are stranded in difficult living conditions that strike the region and affect future generations, which threatens the disaster if it continues to address this issue negatively.

Capernaum is the first experience of most of his protagonists, and the filmmaker has tried to get closer to the reality movie without relying on famous actors. Political connotations of the film did not disappear until his name Kafernaum is a Palestinian city on the shores of the Tiberius Lake in the north of occupied areas.

Unlike Capernaum's tense messages to Arab societies, the documentary film "Fields of Freedom", which expresses hope and proves that determination can change such situations, tells the story of hope and victim in a country where dreams are a luxury, and their efforts to form post-revolutionary Libyan sports team in the regime of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi in February 2011.

The "Freedom Fight" movie was chosen to showcase the opening of the festival as it shows the values ​​of courage, determination and determination for women, especially for Arab women. .

Scene from opening the movie "Liberty Stadiums" (Web pages)

Joint production
The five-year "Freedom Stadium", a joint production of Libya, the United Kingdom, the United States, the Netherlands, Canada, Lebanon and Qatar, tells the story of women facing the huge challenges they must adapt to their dream of playing football for their country. The team fought to win the support and respect of society, as well as the right to play against the opposition of the society's segments to the ambitions of women.

Director and actor Qatari Saad Borshid, a member of several board members at the Ajyal Festival, said that the variety of topics featured in the festival shows that the cinema can play a significant role in expressing common issues.

"The Kafarnaum Festival and the" Stadio di Libertà "are expressions of the oppression of some Arab societies, and the desire and hope to get out of this situation towards progress and progress, Borshid said, adding that the Ajyal festival focuses on constructive questions that serve Qatar and the region. As a whole.

Borsheed said that Ajyal will contribute to the development of Qatar's competitive cinema over the next few years after the Doha Film Foundation and the Doha Film Foundation are preparing a promising generation from Qatar who has seen all the international experiences in all areas of China including directing, acting, recording, editing and screenplay .

Actor and film critic Ahmed Abdullah Ahmed agreed with the introduction of Borshid, believing that versatility of Ajyal was the foundation of her success through two axes: first, take care of the younger generation and improve her talents through support and training, and secondly by choosing topics and issues that affect Qatar and the region in general,

Ahmed said in Al Jazeera Net's announcement that the selection of films taking part in the festival due to many criteria but the general idea of ​​the festival, pointing out that "Ajyal" will not compete for the Oscars Festivals and was in terms of size and pace but could compete with the message you want to achieve.

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