Monday , March 1 2021

Death due to swine flu

Palestinian Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip,
It has recorded 12 cases of swine flu, in two areas of the sector, and there are some cases
He has already died of the virus.

Head of Government Sector Information Bureau
Gas, Salame Ma "arouf, that" it has been proved by official medical authorities to check and monitor the presence
Flu cases
H1N1) Or what is known as swine flu in two parts of the sector
Gazi ".

He added that "the injuries do not exceed 12 cases,
Which led to the death of a few of them due to the weakness of the immune system caused by chronic illnesses
Especially in the heart or the respiratory system or age and age, as well as in all cases of monitoring
Diligently from the competent authorities in the ministry. "

"In the light of the reality you live
As a result of the siege, the Ministry of Health is not equipped with drugs that are very effective in reducing it
The symptoms of the virus are specific to Tamiflu, and there are great efforts to ensure fellowship
Many destinations ".

According to Palestinian sources, at least 6 cases
He died as a result of the virus, pointing out that the lack of medical capabilities in the Ministry of Health
Prevent early detection and handling of cases.

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