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Diabetes .. Symptoms unknown to many

«Al Jazeera» – Agencies:

Diabetes is commonly referred to as a slow killer because it develops over a long period without obvious symptoms. However, it is very important early to diagnose the disease before killing the body and your symptoms:

Visual problems

When you feel weak and you can not read some of the texts, it indicates changes due to age or diabetes, and vision problems are very common symptoms of metabolic disorders.

Hearing loss

The sudden onset of hearing loss points to an elevated blood sugar level. Because it affects neurons in the ears, which causes the disorder to recognize the sounds. You should visit your doctor to make sure you do not have diabetes.


Sudden disadvantage of doing any job that many believe has nothing to do with diabetes When a person feels tired even after an 8-hour sleep, he should visit a doctor and do the necessary tests to make sure there is no diabetes.

Feeling tingled

Diabetes affects the nerves in the human body and affects the circulation of blood, people feel tingling and numbness, and this is one of the signs of diabetes that rarely know.

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