Monday , May 17 2021

Discover the mystery of people with heart failure

A recent study revealed the secret of patient suffering with heart failure and depression and thinking problems, according to news from the eyes.

Researchers from Guelph University, Canada, have found that heart and brain contact occurs via a daily mechanism known as a "biological clock," indicating that any disorder causes depression.

In a study published in Nature, the team tested this theory in the rat with a mutation of the day-to-day mechanism so that heart failure simulated human heart failure.

Researchers have used a mechanism called "microscopic profiling" to identify key genes in the brain that change nerve growth pathways, stress and metabolism.

"The results have shown that the dysfunction of the day-to-day mechanism in synchronization with heart patients has negative neurological effects," said Tami Martino, biomedical professor and principal author of the study.

"Patients recovering from a heart attack often experience turbulent daily rhythms of light and noise and communicate with hospital staff at night, and if they can help keep a watch on life, this can lead to better health outcomes."

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