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Dollar Trading Cracked In Dollar Prices On Tuesday, September 17th, Banks and Exchanges. Foreign and Arabic currency prices "dollar, euro and saudi rial"

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“ Dollar Trading '' crashed according to dollar prices on Tuesday, September 17th at banks and exchangers. Foreign and Arab currency prices “ dollar, euro and Saudi riyal '', Tuesday September 17, 2019 07:07 AM

Today, we will be reviewing the US dollar and euro in Egypt against the Egyptian pound, which we will be reviewing all the time, and will monitor any changes that may occur in euro prices at Egyptian banks and exchange companies and in the secondary market in parallel, where the euro price in Egypt declined against the Egyptian pound over the period. In the past, euro rates at Egyptian banks have been of great interest to Egyptians because of the impact of the European currency on an Egyptian citizen and the price of goods he wants to acquire. European goods represent a large slice of the Egyptian import goods bill. It is the importance of monitoring the feminization of the euro rate and the follow-up at any cost of changes to the price of the euro, whether domestic banks or corporate exchanges.

It should be noted that the price of the US dollar in Egypt is a matter of my life touched by the life of an Egyptian citizen, because the correlation between the dollar price and the commodity consumed by the Egyptian citizen, the dollar price is almost the main controller of the inflation rate, high or low, it is worth mentioning that after periods The long stability of the dollar and foreign and Arab currencies has been prolonged for months, Fuji has all fallen sharply in dollars from close to £ 18, with dollar prices falling to levels of £ 16.60 against the dollar and thus falling prices all foreign and arabic currencies against the pound to the same share This is due to the pegging the Egyptian pound to the dollar.

Dollar and exchange rates today

Dollar prices today at Egyptian banks

The price of dollars today in Egypt

The reasons for the fall of the dollar in the recent period

One of the most important reasons for the fall of the dollar in May, the official source of the Central Bank of Egypt on unprecedented cash flows during May 2019, where cash flows amounted to $ 4.471 billion, without clarifying the nature of this amount, whether it be direct investments or investments in Debt instruments, such as bonds and treasury bills, have thus achieved an unprecedented and historic foreign exchange inflow.

Price of Dollars and Foreign and Arab Currencies in Egypt

Exchange rates today at Egyptian banks against the pound

currencyHighest purchase priceLowest selling price


Mashreq Bank


Commercial International Bank (CIB)



National Bank of Kuwait


Central Bank of Egypt

Pound sterling


National Bank of Kuwait


Central Bank of Egypt

Saudi riyal




Arab International Banking Company

UAE Dirham


Bank of Egypt


United Bank

Jordanian dinar


National Bank of Egypt


Credit Agricole

Kuwaiti Dinar


National Bank of Egypt


Commercial International Bank (CIB)

Omani rial


National Bank of Egypt


Bank of Alexandria

Bahraini Dinar


National Bank of Egypt


Bank of Alexandria

Positive factors influenced the dollar and other currencies of banks and the appearance of the dollar

Price of dollars and currencies in exchange companies

As for the prices of dollars and foreign currencies and other Arab exchange companies, almost exactly the prices of all currencies in Egyptian banks, due to the disappearance of the black market and parallel foreign exchange transactions in Egypt, due to the liberalization of the exchange rate, and the subject of currency prices to the law of supply and demand, which narrow The margin of purchase and sale prices, taking currency trading as a means of quick profit, has little yield.

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Prospects for short to medium term dollar prices

However, if the USD / pound falls below the EEA 16.55 area for several days, it is confirmed that the USD will fall to 16.40 EEA against the USD, but this scenario is unlikely to occur due to the many hidden weaknesses experienced by the Egyptian pound. The Egyptian pound will have a significant impact on the medium to long term in determining the price of the pound against the dollar.

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