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Electronic Connection Between Governmental and Private Health Sectors 2021

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Dr. Mohammed Selim Ulama, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health and Community Protection, has revealed that the electronic link between all the hospital and clinic of the ministry in the single health system will be completed by the end of this year, pointing out that the hospital connection rate in the ministry has reached 100%. Initial value reached 82%.

Dr. Al-Ulama told Al-Bayan that the system was electronically in one dossier per patient, and that the ministry had completed the study of systems used in the system, and was internally applied to government health facilities in the country. The Community of Protection, the Abu Dhabi Health Department, the Dubai Health Authority and the Private Sector in 2021.

The best staff

The Undersecretary of the Ministry has submitted a medical staff proposal for (payroll) decision makers, and is currently in the approval process, as it includes many advantages that enable the Ministry to attract and retain state-level state-of-the-art healthcare staff. He said the ministry in the case of local and international healthcare institutions that lacked some staffs in some specialties such as medical specialties due to increased health demand, and that the ministry faces some challenges in some medical specialties.

Dr. Al-Ulama said: "The Ministry has achieved global leadership in one of the indicators of the national agenda, the share of accredited hospitals, in co-ordination and cooperation with all health sectors in the country, and through the planning and implementation of many initiatives and activities, to become the first UAE in the world Sector health care in the country ranked first in the world by several indicators in 2018 in global competitiveness reports, such as the Wellbeing Index 2018 issued by the Legaat Institute, including: lack of health problems and immunization with DPT ( DPT) and a cushion against the measles.

"In the same year, UAEs were ranked 10th in the world in terms of quality of health care, exceeding the target of 2021. In 2017 UAE was ranked first in the world by five health sector indicators in the country, including tuberculosis incidence at 100,000 According to the World Tourism Competitiveness Report, the prevalence of HIV among adult population, according to the World Tourism and Tourism Competitiveness Report, and the incidence of malaria per 100,000 people, according to the World Tourism Competitiveness Report, the lack of health problems under the Boom index. Social Progress is issued by social organizations.

Artificial Intelligence

In the artificial intelligence project, scientists said the ministry had made great progress in using artificial intelligence in many areas, and at the ministry level a committee for artificial intelligence and digital transformation was established.

In areas where artificial intelligence is used, scientists have said, "There are many areas, including employment screening, a joint experiment between the Ministry of Health and Community Protection and the Ministry of Artificial Intelligence, which is the first world experience. Tuberculosis From a country for the purpose of obtaining a place of residence through a radiology program, the machine reads the results of the radiation and is classified as without pulmonary tuberculosis with a rate of success of up to 99%.

The doctor will read the radiation results and each radiation lasts for 3 minutes, and using the program it is necessary to re-read the results (result 1 to 180 for 3 minutes)

He pointed out that the number of people in the centers during the year to 900,000 people, the process of drawing the results by doctors at 45,000 hours a year, using artificial intelligence, results are pulled out at 250 hours per year alone.

He said: The number of doctors in the fitness centers to draw scores of 6 doctors, and the use of artificial intelligence centers require only one doctor for the results not confirmed.


He explained that in most centers the results should be drawn from 2-3 days, and using artificial intelligence, the results are immediately extracted or detect the rate of positive cases, which means reducing the infection of the spread of tuberculosis of pulmonary tuberculosis, which experience is a special experience and innovative service, Experience in the Emirate in Dubai has been applied to 500 to 800 cases per day, during which the doctor and the device will read the radiograph separately for 3 months, and after 3 months the results of the program will be compared with the results of the program of the Ministry of Health and Community Protection. , The United Nations and the Global Health Organization.

Nursing unit

The inauguration of Breast Care Department at Saqr Hospital in Ras Al Khaimah has been added to diagnostic and therapeutic services under one roof, updating hospital treatment protocols to an integrated medical system that provides high-quality patient care and is part of the Ministry's strategy to provide comprehensive, the innovation of digital and medical technology, emphasizing the readiness of the Ministry to transform patient care through modern technology.

The Department of Artificial Intelligence has been introduced into the X-ray mammography unit as the first local and regional center, with the UAE Register as the leading country seeking excellence, leadership and innovation in all services.

Use Android

About the use of robotics in the hospitals of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Mohammed Al Ulama said, "The Ministry has been trying to adopt these techniques and contribute to the introduction of the last few years by providing the best healthcare services with the most accurate results that effectively contribute to reducing medical errors and recognizable additions and contributions Da Vinci, a robotic robot currently used in the field of cardiothoracic surgery, obesity, urology and kidney surgery, as well as some general operations.

Corindus / Corpath 200 was also used in Cardiac Cardiology and Cardiotorakal Surgery at Al Qasimi Hospital in 2014, the first of its kind in the region, and the 20th in the United States outside the United States. , Pointing out that robotic technology in cardiac surgery is very accurate, as it is expected to be a replacement for traditional surgical solutions, and death in operations performed by "Da Vinci" is zero, and the share of complications is lower.

"At the beginning of 2018, the Ministry of Health and Environmental Protection provided the Al Qasimi hospital in Sharjah with the new robotic complex heart catheterization system, the first in the Middle East and the first in the world, using the advanced ROR artificial intelligence program, and flexible for the arteries to be treated by Ova advanced technique can perform remote catheterization, as well as treatment of peripheral arteries and brain and breeding of valves and netting meshes in the heart.

He said: The total number of operations performed by these bodies in 2018 has so far reached 126 operations in various disciplines.

Separation of services

About Deciding on Separating Services from Legislation, and where you have come to the project through the number of employees to be moved to the institution, and the rest in the ministry, said the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health and Community Protection: The main objective of this chapter is to separate the ministry's role from the regulatory role provided by the Ministry, in accordance with Best Practice and Leadership Vision in the country, as it is expected that the separation process will begin in the near future.

"After the separation process, all health professionals, including hospital staff and health centers, will be relocated to the Emirates Health Services Corporation, while all regulatory roles will stay in the Ministry of Health and Community Protection," he said. About 85% of the workforce is expected to move to the institution, while about 15% will remain in the ministry. The project will strengthen the regulatory role provided by the Ministry of Health and Community Protection, including licensing, drug and other drug registration, while Emirates Health Services will provide healthcare worldwide, provided.


In response to Foreign Ministry's policy, Dr. Mohammed Al-Ulaam said that public-private partnerships have become a global phenomenon and part of the world's growing trends, and public-private partnerships usually generate benefits for governments by reducing the financial burden and improving service quality . Enabling more effective action, and the Ministry of Health and Community Protection, had global comparisons before the preparation of a public-private partnership program.

Innovative treatment

The Ministry of Health and Community Protection has recently opened a new and innovative room in the hospital for children, children and children Al Qasimi in Sharjah, an innovative and smart room for treating asthma children, which facilitates inhalation of the drug by steam and the arrival of the lungs by viewing interactive educational film using 3D technology, the drug is complete without interruption and the duration of hospital stay is reduced.

Scholarships for high school students at Bachelor of Nursing

Dr. Mohammed Salim Al Ulama, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health and Community, said the ministry secured scholarships for high school students to study bachelor's seniors and provide tuition and housing and transportation costs, with a monthly salary of 4500 students per student during the study. The Ministry also provides numerous bridging scholarships and master's programs for nursing staff, while providing an attractive working environment for medical staff in terms of providing vocational training programs focusing on specialized and mentoring programs. Announcement of numerous awards inspired by pediatric care staff, such as Salma's Innovation Award to him, and award-winning hospital care.


He added that the Ministry of Health and Community Protection had developed a comprehensive electronic system for treating thalassemia patients based on best international practices, and carried out in the Thalassemia Centers in Fujairah and Obaidullah General Hospital in Ras Al Khaimah. Including patient examinations, treatment plan, blood transfusion, and schedule screening for different disciplines based on best world practices.

The electronic module is activated in the third quarter of 2017 and is focused on six major axes to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the existing system, including the establishment of electronic healthcare traces in accordance with international standards, thus reducing termination, reducing hospital stay , And optimal use of resources.

The overall objective of the project is to improve the health system by three criteria: business efficiency, standardization of the care system and promotion of user satisfaction.


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