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Facebook reveals the secret of the longest stoppage it has ever had

Last update: Saturday 10 hours 1440 – March 16, 2019 KSA 03:42 – GMT 00:42
Date of publication: Saturday 10 hours 1440 – March 16, 2019 KSA 03:36 – GMT 00:36

source: Dubai – News from Arab Technology

Facebook apologized for the longest lapse, as technical error has caused many users to not access Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WatSAP from Wednesday to Thursday.

The company announced it corrected the bugs and announced last Thursday via the Twitter platform, about 24 hours after users began reporting problems with Facebook, Instagram, and other applications to resolve the problem and restore their systems to normal.

"The problem is caused by changing server settings, and many people have had problems accessing our apps and services." Now we are analyzing the issues and our systems are recovering. "We are very sorry for the discomfort and appreciate the patience of everyone."

The impact of customer service disruption lasted at least 12 hours in most regions of the world and had the greatest impact on North America and Europe, according to the DownDetector website.

It is believed to be the worst ever for the social giant, which has up to 2.7 billion people through its core social networking, Instagram, Messenger and WatSAP applications.

#FacebookDown quickly became popular on Twitter's rival platform, similar to what happened to previous stops.

Facebook has denied speculation that the problem may have been the result of DDOS, the type of cyber attack in which an attacker sends too many requests.

Suspension of work in November last year represents a server problem, and it was said that the shutdown in September was the result of network problems.

Bloomberg said Facebook is considering the possibility of paying back by advertisers who could not send messages due to service cuts due to server settings change, causing a number of issues.

Suspension comes after Facebook faces potential legal and regulatory consequences after a series of harmful discoveries last year that include massive privacy breaches and suspected business practices.

According to The New York Times, prosecutors in the United States began a criminal investigation into the facilities Facebook provides to companies regarding access to user data, and the federal jury called records from two leading smartphone manufacturers and other devices.

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