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For Apple users After detecting a technical error in "FaceTime" .. 7 applications … Masrawy

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Thursday, January 31, 2019

Books – Assem Al-Ansari:

Visetime is the preferred video communication program for many Apple users, but a software error has been discovered that allows the user to listen to another when making a video call even before answering a call.

Additionally, a program error not only causes the receiver to sound sound but also attempts to turn off the sound by pressing the volume down button or the power button will turn the camera on, although the display of the receiver still shows the incoming call screen. Actually, the caller will see and hear the other side.

Although Apple said that later this week to present a solution to this vulnerability, you will need to disable VisTime and use an alternative program to ensure communication and protect your privacy.

"The Arab Gateway to Technical News" offered 7 alternative free "FaceTime" applications on Apple devices:

1. Application of Viber

The Viper application is one of the most common messaging applications. With over 900 million users around the world, Viper supports all features including voice, video, and text messaging to allow you to communicate freely with others and enjoy high quality video calls.

You can also record 30 seconds of video and send it to friends, and your app allows you to create groups of up to 250 participants.

There is also the ability to hide and access later by using a PIN, which protects all your messages and calls with comprehensive encryption to enhance privacy.

2. Skype application

Skype application is the best in the field of professional communication when it comes to voice and video calls, the best application for video calling groups.

The app lets you easily add friends and start conversations with video and voice calls, free text messages, and groups of up to 25 people.

You can also send photos, videos, voice messages, and emoticons, and you can send featured content using a fun icon or a private message that remains visible to your followers for 7 days.

3. Signal applications

Seagal is a great alternative to using TimeTime for privacy and security seekers, which is the safest among all other messaging applications, and is owned by Open Whisper Systems, an application recommended by the privacy advocate and former employee of the US National Security Agency Edward Snowden.

The reason is that Signal is the safest application for using encryption protocol called the "Signal Protocol" to provide end-to-end encryption for voice, video and instant messaging conversations.

The app also lets you create encrypted groups so you can have private, secure conversations with all your friends at once.

4. Apply JusTalk

The "Gas Talk" application is a high-quality video chat application for all types of calls except 2G and allows you to group voice calls.

With the app you can create as many groups as you want group voice calls or hangouts with up to 16 people.

All personal user information is encrypted from one side to the other and divided into several random paths that servers can not track or save.

5. Apply Hike

The Hayek application has gained wide popularity to protect the privacy of its users, giving you total control over who knows when you last opened the app, who can see the image of your account and your stories. Supports a hidden way of working that allows you to hide and secretly access your chat with your password.

With the app, you can create groups of up to 1000 members, maintain contact with them, share large video and photos without compression and any file of any kind.

Supports Timeline & Stories, which lets you record the best moments of your day and share with your favorite friends.

Hayek also offers over 20,000 posters and 11 chat topics to change the conversation style to fit in perfectly with your feelings. Sharing files can send videos, photos, music, 100 ".

6. Apply Tango

The Tango app provides you with high-quality video connectivity and lets you make voice and video calls anywhere in the world.

Tango is an interactive video platform with more than 400 million users offering live streaming and instant messaging through Tango Live.

The app also allows you to send text messages, photos, and videos.

7. Imo application

EMO allows you to create high quality, encrypted video calls and voice calls, and an easy-to-use interface.

You can also encode group video and voice calls with up to 6 participants, and you can also send text messages, photos and videos.

You can sign in within the app to remove ads and get 25 GB of storage space in the cloud.

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