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Get to know the most responsible Arab countries

UAE, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia recorded the lowest levels of indebtedness, according to recent IMF data based on the calculation of public debt as a percentage of GDP.

The fund expects the UAE's public debt to reach 19.2 percent of GDP in 2010, which is 19 percent less in the next year.

The outlook for UAE market funds is very low in the coming years compared to the global market, and by 2024 it falls to 17% of GDP.

It is expected that Kuwait will reach 17% this year, and next year will increase to 21%, and Saudi Arabia is expected to have a share of 23.7% of GDP.

According to data, Sudan's debt levels are expected to increase from 177.9% this year to 182.4%, which will become the country's most respected Arab countries, and Lebanon also recorded a high level of expected growth of 157.8% this year , increasing to 162.7%. In the next 2020, debt levels in the Jordanian market are expected to reach 94.8% this year, rising to 95% next year, and data also show that debt levels in Tunisia, Egypt and Mauritania exceeded 80% And.

The International Monetary Fund warned in February this year that the public debt has been growing rapidly in many Arab countries due to steady growth in the budget deficit, pointing to public debt in Arab countries that imported oil from 64% of GDP in 2008 to 85% in 2018 . .



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