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Get to know the richest women in the world

Mackenzie Bezos

McKinsey Bezosa's ranking could be at the top of the world's wealth list after calculating wealth in 2020

When Jeff Bezos, the president of Amazons and the richest man in the world, agreed with his wife Mackenzie for divorce, became the third richest woman in the world.

According to the separation agreement, McKinsey has a 4-percent stake in the Amazon, which equates to $ 35.6 billion.

But who is still on the list of the richest women in the world? How did they come to these centers?

1. Françoise Bettencourt Myers

Françoise Betencourt Myers


value Net toIts wealth: $ 49.3 billion, making it the 15th in the list of the richest in the world, according to Forbes magazine.

Who are they?

The heir is French L 'Oréal Cosmetics, which owns 33 percent of the company.

Myers, 65, inherited her wealth from her mother Lilian Betancourt, who died in 2017 at the age of 94. The relationship between them deteriorated, and in 2007, a slow dispute broke out among them.

Francoise filed a lawsuit claiming to be afraid that her mother would be abused in her environment because her health deteriorated. But two women came to reconciliation before her mother died for a year.

Francoise has an academic degree and publishes books about Greek gods and Christian-Jewish relations.

2. Alice ibarrel

Alice Walton

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value Net toIts wealth: $ 44.4 billion, making it the 17th among the richest in the world.

Who are they?

She is the daughter of Sam Walton, founder of the American retailer Walmart.

But unlike her brothers, Alice, 69, left her family business and focused on art where she served as the president of the Crystal Bridge Museum of American History in her native Bentonville, Arkansas.

3. MacJNezi Bezos

Jeff and Mackenzie Bezos


value Net toIts wealth: At least $ 35.6 billion, which is the value of his share in the Amazon, but the magnitude of his wealth can go further than that. Forbes' list of the richest people in the world should be monitored by 2020 to see how much their wealth exceeds the current figures.

Who are they?

McKenzie, 48, married Jeff Bezos in 1993 after they met when they worked in the hedge fund. She had four children.

McKinsey, of California, was among the first to work for Amazon, where he worked with accounts. Two novels were published, praised and dressed by author Tony Morrison, who described her as one of her best students.

McKinsey, who called McKinsey Tuttle before his marriage, founded an association for the fight against bullying called Baystandard Revolution, which promotes "the simple habits of kindness, courage and limitations."

4. Jacqueline March

value Net toIts wealth: $ 23.9 billion. She took 33rd place among the richest people in the world before announcing the divorce terms of McKinsey Bezos (the same goes for other women on that list).

Who are they?

Jacqueline, 79, owns one-third of Mars, the world's largest confectionary company, founded by her grandfather Frank in 1911.

She worked in a family company for about 20 years and remained a member of the board by 2016.

He is currently described as the beloved lady of good works, enjoying membership in the board of directors of artistic and cultural institutions.

5. Yan Huian

Net worth of wealth: $ 22.1 billion, making it the 42th among the richest in the world.

Who are they?

The 37-year-old is the largest part of the Chinese real estate company, Country Garden Holdings, which installed the wave of rapid growth in real estate in China.

The Country Garden website says 2016 was the third largest real estate development company in the world.

Huiyan, who graduated from Ohio State University, inherited the majority share of her father in a Chinese company, which is 57 percent.

6. Susan AllTEN

Susan Claten

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value netfrominIts wealth: 21 billion dollars, making it the 46th richest among the world.

Who are they?

She is the second European on the list. The luck of a German business woman, 56, includes automotive and pharmaceutical companies.

Claten inherited 50 percent Atlanta AG after her parents died, while she and her brother owned 50 percent of BMW.

Later Atlanta became a full-fledged company and bought shares in several companies, from wind to graffiti production.

7. Lauren Powell Jobs

Lauren Powell Jobs

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value Net toIts wealth: $ 18 billion, which is ranked 54th among the richest in the world.

Who are they?

The widow of Apple's founder, Steve Jobs, who after her husband's death inherited family shares in Apple and Disney at about $ 20 billion.

Since then, 55-year-old Lauren has invested in journalism, buying majority stake in The Atlantic, and investing in two non-profit magazines Mather Jones and Probable.

He also invested in schools for teaching electronic code writing programs and founded Emerson's collective society, which works on education and immigration reforms.

In May 2018, Powell Jobs spent $ 16.8 million to buy a six-bedroom bedroom in San Francisco overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge.

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