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He released 55 tons of Libyan gold in the United Arab Emirates worth $ 3 billion

On the other hand, Ali Qarire, the "new Arabian" executive director, that gold smuggling rates in the UAE, and especially in Dubai in large quantities over the last period, call on the state to intervene to stop smuggling.

He pointed out the accuracy of the data of the State Bureau of Statistics, pointing to the existence of official $ 3 billion USD UAE local smuggling documents.

According to observers, increased libyan smuggling in the recent period due to deteriorating security conditions and lack of control.

Abdullah Turki, professor of economics, said, "During the smuggling in 2011, there was a smuggling of gold through some Libyan airports, including the smuggling of smuggled gold at the airport in 2012, but the Transitional Council intervenes as saving to citizens and permits the transfer of them overseas, which is in contravention of the Carinthian Act of 2010 ".

He noted that the lack of control of state institutions in ports contributes to the increase in smuggling operations, explaining that gold smuggling takes place in two phases where smuggled gold goes to Tunisia, Jordan, Turkey and Egypt as the first stage, and then to Dubai.

He said that the citizens have deposited gold savings that are stored in safe conditions as a safe haven for their savings in the light of the turmoil of local markets and falling national currency prices.

Libya is the fourth largest Arab country after Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Algeria, and the 24th in the world list among 98 countries, according to a World Council World Council report this year.

"Gold metals are processed in alloys, and then return to Dubai to gain a difference in heavy currency prices," said Ali Shalaby, a goldsmith's artisan.

Omar Almzdawi, a "new Arab", confirmed goldsmith Omar Almzdawi, "smuggling local gold because of the lack of gold made in Libya, which is characterized by quality, adding that gold smuggling continues outside, though it is banned by the 2010 Customs Law. but contributed to the security chaos Significantly in the worsening of this phenomenon.

Many Libyan families have resorted to the sale of gold savings due to economic conditions of the country due to the lack of liquidity and high inflation, combined with the high price of gold on the local market.

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