Sunday , May 16 2021

Huawei P30 Pro won the TIPA International Award for 2019

Jamaica News Huawei Group Announces Huawei P30 Pro Award "Best Photo Smartphone" For the Third Year in a Huawei P Series

Many representatives of international media specializing in photography praised P30 Pro, who were out of the competition rated smart phones in line with the specifications that distance them from tests and comparison of other phones. The four-lens Huawei P30 Pro camera system includes a 40-megapixel HUAWEI SuperSpectrum image sensor, a 20 megapixel wide-angle camera and SuperZoom camera lens, which for the first time offers the ability to zoom high definition on smartphones.

The new camera uses infrared laser technology to measure the distance from the shooting scene, called Time of Flight or ToF. With these four cameras, the color setting system generates rich picture detail and provides an aesthetic dimension in all lighting conditions.

"The Huawei P30 Pro shows strong performance in low-light photography and offers a range of focal length options," said the General Assembly of Photographic Technical Awards (TIPA). 1 / 1.7 megapixels for 10 megapixel photography.

The optical stabilizing lens has a 27mm diameter for focal length and aperture up to f / 1.6, along with a 20mm 16mm lens for ultra-wide viewing options. , And the fourth camera comes from the PDAF type "Flight time" to provide the autofocus sensor.

The Huawei P30 Pro can cover a wide range of images, thanks to the "Super-Resolution" algorithm, which combines many RAW images into a single high-definition image and is cut to give the approximation effect up to 50 times. One of the most prominent features of the phone is the ISO 409.600, which captures clear images even in the dark, and the camera lens senses more than 40% of the light sensitivity over the RGB color sensor. So far compared to existing smart phones.

The Huawei P30 Pro wins the TIPA International Award for 2019.
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