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If you do not want to install it, you can avoid updating your phone to iOS 13

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Cairo – Mohamed Salah – iOS 13 provided a number of features for users, including regular mode, and some enhancements to the camera, however, some users found that the update contained a number of bugs, including application crashes, as well as a vulnerability system. Operational and other problems.

Citing the "TheVerge" website, Apple has promised that version 13.1 will contain a number of bug fixes and new features, and will be available September 24, just days after iOS 13 launches, so if you're not a fan of the new update, you should to avoid and stop updates automatically.

In order to avoid automatic updating of the operating system, the user must:

– Go to iPhone settings.


– Select General

– Then go to the end of the list and look for Software Update

– Then turn off the button in front of the automatic update option to switch from green to gray.

– After you do this, Auto Update Update is off.


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