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Increases or decreases the weight of almonds

Once we feel we have started to weigh, we are very upset and we try to lose extra weight, but the problem is always with the quality of the foods we should eat during the diet, but they all agree to avoid greasy foods that are difficult to digest. Digestion and accumulation of the body accumulate in the body and turn into irritating fats, and the best food systems that involve consuming a lot of snacks throughout the day, and almonds are snails that give a sense of fullness but now the issue of increasing or decreasing the weight of the almond report.

What is almond?

Badem before baking and walnut is a tree that sprinkles almond fruits known to the origin of Levant, but it has been grown in modern times around the world, and after I was Levant the main source of almond trees, the first in the world to breed and export almonds.Badem's tree

The shape of almond fruit is very similar to peaches, but the outer shell of green color, and whether the almonds are green or nuts, has tens of benefits to human health in general, and especially weight loss.

Increases or decreases the weight of almonds

Benefits of almonds

Diet does not mean eating, but on the contrary, it is best to eat 4 to 5 meals a day throughout the day, but it depends on the nature of the foods you eat, so we have to choose what energy and nutrients are, Badem is the best and here's some of the benefits of Almond Almyminen .Bad and weight lossBad and weight loss

Benefits of almonds for nutrition

It is recommended to eat a few almond grains daily for those who follow the diet because:

  • It contains many important ingredients such as fibers, which in turn helps to lose weight by improving metabolism, and quickly burning fat and removing accumulation of fat.
  • The body almonds provide the calories he needs during the day.
  • It gives a feeling of fullness, so it is best to eat the main meals before eating because it helps to reduce the desire for the meal, preferably eating raw almonds and not salty.

Benefits of almonds for health

Benefits of almonds for health

Protection against heart disease

Badems do not contain any cholesterol, so they fight and fight against heart disease.

Stomach disorders

Badem is rich in dietary fibers, as mentioned earlier, which means improving the function of the digestive system, which protects against the appearance of gastrointestinal disorders.

Resistance to cancer

Those who eat almonds daily are at least susceptible to cancer because they contain large amounts of antioxidants and proteins, helping to protect cells from division and transformation into cancer cells.

Increase your intelligence and concentration

Badems contain important vitamins and play a key role in improving mental capabilities, which is vitamin B, which increases people's concentration and improves mental ability, and avoids the appearance of aging illnesses such as Alzheimer's.

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