Infinix joins the fast charging race with its new 160W phone

the company joined infinix to the fast charging technology race after the introduction of the first two-color smartphone equipped with 160W super fast charging technology, the Infinix Concept Phone, whose outstanding feature allows the smartphone to fully charge it from zero to 100% within 10 minutes; And the rear dual color change technology that gives the phone a stunning effect.

Our lifespan requires a powerful phone with fast charging technology, so Infinix has delivered its new phone هاتف Infinix concept phone State-of-the-art charging technology helps your phone avoid overloading and overheating

50W wireless charging, 60 safety protection mechanisms and 8C batteries allow you to fully charge your 4000 mAh smartphone battery in 10 minutes.

Infinix had user safety in mind and equipped it with Infinix Concept Phone technology Super filling pump Which uses four powerful switching chips that boost power conversion with great power, and these chipsets ensure that the phone is not overloaded or overheated by

High currents, up to 96% charge conversion efficiency and support for 20 temperature sensors, the Infinix Concept Phone monitors the temperature during charging and adjusts the charging power to keep the smartphone temperature below 40 ° C / 104 ° F.

Infinix is ​​introducing the concept of double color change in its smartphones for the first time Infinix For 2021, new advanced technology allows the back of the phone to switch between two colors, and a new feature combines electrochrome technology and electric lighting technology and provides users with a unique experience, with colors changing between silver gray and navy blue calls and flashing when the phone is connected to charge.

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