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It is important to clarify the Saudi Ministry of Health about the first cancer treatment


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The Saudi Arabian Ministry of Health announced on Thursday that Vitraca, the first cancer treatment, is known as Larotrectinib.

"This drug does not treat completely cancer or completely cure it from the origin as mentioned, but it aims to control its growth and spread as long as possible, rather than a substitute for surgical treatment, chemotherapy and radiotherapy," the ministry said through an official account on Twitter.

The study was in the first and second stages, and the study included 55 cancer patients who had a TRK genetic mutation with a full response rate of 13% and a partial response rate of 62%, "the New England Journal of Medicine reported.

"This is not a long-term response to all patients because the disease developed in some subjects and continued to respond to 39% of patients after the first year of treatment, and some patients underwent surgery after the drug."

New treatment was recently approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of specific cancer cases with specific types of rare genetic mutations (TRK genes). This rare mutation is found in some tumors such as the salivary gland, thyroid, lung and connective tissue , Cases involving genetic mutation do not undergo surgery and cases involving genetic mutation, and there is no suitable alternative to treatment and cases that developed after prescribed therapy.

Depletion depends on the treatment of genetic mutations of cancer tumors, regardless of the type or location of the disease.

The NBC News Commission Scott Gottlieb said, "Ratification of the release and placing of this drug is an important step in the treatment of cancer because it is treated from sources and deals with tumor cancer grounds, regardless of the place of origin in the human body,

Gottlieb said that a new drug would help cancer patients finally get the right therapy at the right time.

Viagracafe will help treat people with different cancers, but have common genetic mutations.

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