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Knight Frank: Better real estate in Dubai near the subway

07 11 2018


Dubai property prices, which are just 15 minutes walk from the Dubai subway station, are growing. According to the Knight Frank Real Estate Advisory report. Residential properties near the Dubai metro station outperformed performance and increased prices for the rest of the emirate's assets, the report says.

From the first quarter of 2010 to the first quarter of this year, housing prices near the Dubai subway exceeded the average of the rest of Dubai's real estate market.

Real estate prices in Dubai rose by an average of 28 percent, while real estate prices near the metro station increased by 15 percent on average by 51 percent in the same period, while real estate prices near the subway increased by 10 percent by 58 percent, Knight Frank .

Square rates of real estate near the metro rose 10 percent by 9 percent, while the square meters of real estate, 15 minutes by subway, increased by 32 percent.

Dubai property prices are influenced by several factors, such as the Dubai subway, quality of construction, finishing quality, other available facilities and real estate complex, among others. However, the impact of the Dubai subway near residential real estate was the largest since the opening of the metro in 2009 to this year.

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