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Lasarte Home Sports: I'm in charge of losing Sun Down

02:36 | Monday, April 8, 2019

Lasarte: I'm in charge of losing Sun Down

for Asparta

Martin Lasarte, Ahly's football coach, reiterated his apologies to Ahlija's fans for the final result against Sun Down, who thought he was responsible for the result and a big defeat, and today he tries to change that break and correct the situation as soon as possible. worth.

He promised that every team player in the team would do everything he could to correct the image and compensate for the sharp result of the previous game.

"The club's president has been involved with the ethics of the knights, and as a leader with great experience, he has given us what we need from the support and at the same time expressed all the sadness he suffered for the sharp results," he said. , And he has great confidence in the players and their struggle inside the stadium to quickly escape this shock. "

He explained that the club president provided support to the team from the first day who took over the training, and that support was not stopped by the implementation of technical requirements, as well as support for club team buildings as well as camps and other things that lead to rapid development expecting it, that all Player owes it to him.

The technical director pointed to the incident he considered to be the most significant difference in the spirit and morale of Ahlija after returning to Maran today, which is the presence of some club fans screaming on behalf of Ahlija near the stadium at the start of Almaran, pointing out that such habits are all that players need quickly get up and get rid of the defeat effects and walk your way to the championships always. He emphasized that the Ahlawi mass support team is something unique and can not be described.

He said: "I will speak with the greatest courage of the supporters of the National … I ask them to trust us because we will not fail them in any future step, and we will do everything in our power to correct the picture as soon as possible.

He said he was preparing for the match with Egypt in the league because of its importance, and according to team priorities he will be preparing for the South African Republic match in South Africa.

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