Wednesday , May 12 2021

Magda Al-Roumi: Egypt is his country and his Nile, and I always consider it the “prestige” of the Arab world

The great artist Magda El-Roumi expressed her great love for Egypt, saying: When Egypt asks me, I will not be late for it because I sincerely love it, and it is not unusual for artists to always talk and say that Egypt is their second country.

She explained that there are many reasons for her attachment and intense love for Egypt, saying, “The first of these reasons is that it is the face of the Arab world, in addition to its good people who love and that the country that sings singing through its land and acquisition, and has the greatness, fame, and “prestige” of the Arab world.

She added in an interview for the “Final Word” program that Lamees El Hadidi presented on the “ON” screen in a special episode filmed at the Qubbah Palace, saying: “The issue of sovereignty and independence is of particular importance to me, it is one of my personal holiness and I always think that these principles are summarized in the land of Egypt. “”.

She explained that holding her first concert at the Dome Palace in light of the “Corona” pandemic comes because of her intense love for Egypt, saying: How can I say no to Egypt? Imagine saying God, right? Egypt is with its love and it is like a joyful invitation at the height of the pain that Lebanon is suffering from. The invitation to hold a party in Egypt despite the current circumstances is like an energy of hope and it is a great honor to hold my first concerts at the Dome Palace

She thanked President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi for opening the Dome Palace as a platform for celebration, saying: Thanks to him, this invitation has given me great confidence in the light of the sea of ​​excitement we live in Beirut and from the intensity of my happiness at my entrance to the domed palace which I will burst into tears for the joy which flowed from the kind invitation.

She revealed that she had gone to God with supplication since she reached the gates of the palace, saying: Ever since she first entered the gates and I said, Lord, protect Egypt, Lord, keep the wicked from it and keep all evil from its borders, every person it must do so, for Egypt is the protector of the Arab country.
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