Monday , May 17 2021

Maras signs a 10-year exclusive rights agreement with Coca-Cola

Maras, headquartered in Dubai, has signed a Coca-Cola contract for 10 years, which has the right to exclusive rights of appointment for the first and largest multi-purpose closed-door facility in the Middle East. Upon completion, the 17,000-seat auditorium will be known as Coca-Cola Arena.

Located in City Wal, a modern Maras destination, the show will be open to the public in June this year to create the heart of the entertainment and entertainment industry in the region.

Coca-Cola Arena, owned by Maras, will be able to host live and great events throughout the year.

Apart from contributing to further enhancement of the diverse Maras project portfolio, the salon will further strengthen Dubai's status as a world tourist destination throughout the year, offering exceptional opportunities for residents and visitors alike.


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