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Marriage between Muslims and Catholics has become a way of life for them in Dubai

Religious Tolerance Ali al-Sayyid and Mina Lechioni are more than human values, lifestyles.

Strangely enough for a couple in Dubai, each of them has a different faith, with Min, who was born as a Catholic, not changing his religion and accepting Islam to marry Ali.

Mena is also delighted to be on the waiting list for those who would like to attend Pope Francis Mass on February 5 in the UAE during her first visit to the Arab Peninsula.

If he gets a ticket to attend mass, But promises to take care of his babies twins, 14-month-old boys, so he can go see the bean.

"It takes time to understand that every ritual of religion and every custom is personal," Ali Reuters said.

Since living in a country with a majority Muslim population, Ali faced great pressure for Mina to cross Islam. "Many people wonder when they will become Muslims," ​​he said. The question that is constantly being repeated as when you are going to visit us? "

But Ali knows that Prophet Mohammed could not convince his uncle to turn to Islam. "That's something you can not impose on anyone," he said.

The story of Ali and Meeni began as co-workers when in Dubai in 2008 they founded the Dubai School of Comedy and Art, called "Debody."

Seven years ago, Meena recovers memories of their wedding and sees it as a special occasion for meeting their culture.

"His family came with songs and music in the Gulf, and my family came with a song (or sol mio in Luciano) Pavarotti. We had a singer who sang Arabic songs and song in Italian.

The couple celebrate Christmas as they work together in Ramadan.

It is common in Dubai to raise up mixed marriages based on conversion to Islam. After long conversations, Ali and Mena decided to follow that example.

"But he said it was very important to him that our children were Muslims and that it did not bother me," Mina said.

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