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MBC Action 2018 – Nogo Masrya

MBC Action 2018 for translated movies and various programs
Mpc action frequency

MBC Action is one of the most sought-after channels in the world MBC is one of the most popular channels in the world. Channels are the first in terms of the number of views and followers, as well as the quality of the channel content.

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MBC action

MBC Action is preparing for the premier Royal Ramble, which will be held for the first time in Saudi Arabia on Friday (April 27th), and for the first time Saudi Arabia will receive such offers. It can track the big channel content as well as track the show of the biggest channel of the Royal Ramble Channel the next Friday.

Channel Action Frequency MBC

The frequency of MBC actions of the most important frequencies, and you can track the channel at the following frequencies that we offer to Nilesat satellite and Arabsat satellite as follows:

MonthfrequencycodingCorrection error coefficient
Nil Sub11470 (v)275005/6
NASSEL SAT11476 (v)275005/6
Arabic Sat11270 (v)275005/6
Arabic Sat12284 (v)275005/6

MBC channel frequency

MonthfrequencycodingpolarizationCorrection error coefficient
Nilesat12015 – 1182327500vertical5/6

Channel Programs

MBC Aksh offers a host of great programs, with the exception of the movies that the channel offers in the first place, while the foreign films are translated into Arabic, and the channels offer different programs: Action League, Channel Programs interested in football and the Saudi League, as well as canal wrestling programs , where the channel presented the largest Royal Ramble that was held for the first time in Saudi Arabia, and also features a number of programs related to racing cars and speed, BBC News Launch is considered one of the most important channels for anyone to look for in the Arab world and beyond.

  • Live Role: A program that gives the guest a chance to experience an adventure.
  • Program with you News: The program is diverse, interested in the various news that occurs in all parts of the Arab world.
  • Youth Star Program: A special talent program for children.
  • Top 20 Funniest: It's one of the channels that are interested in watching comedy clips.

The Biggest Royal Rumble in Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is preparing for the first time this next Friday, April 27, 2018, to establish the largest Royal Rumble. The performance is one of the kind of offers that the Kingdom has not been home before and will certainly not be limited this time. The show has attracted many fans and fans, and it is anticipated that the show will be full of fans and you can learn more about the show by joining the biggest Royal Rumble.

Coverage of MBC Action Channel

MBC Action is interested in exciting and exciting programs, as it directs young people to the top, offering programs, movies and series that match their taste.

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