Saturday , June 19 2021

Nabil Bakiri – "Reform" Yemen and Abu Dhabi .. Again

The first meeting between the leaders of the Yemeni Reform Choir and Crown Prince Abu Dhabi, Muhammad bin Zayeda, preceded the meeting in December in Riyadh, but no progress was made in the relations between the two parties, followed by a fierce media campaign against the Western media party. supported by the Emirates, as well as the previous attempted murder of Reformed leader Islafa May in Aden in mid-2015. According to Al-Bazid's Web site, United Arab Emirates Behind it.
The meeting was held at the margins of the Comprehensive Citizens Forum, attended by British Foreign Minister Jeremy Hamt. The meeting followed a meeting of reform leaders Mohammed al-Yadoum and Abdulwahab al-Ansi with Mohammed bin Zayed, and the news was limited to the usual protocol for discussion of the Yemeni fascicle.
Arab countries, which have strongly supported the Arab Revolution, have supported all the anti-Arab revolutions, and the whole Arab area remains a haven. Because of their consequences. This should be hostility

The Phobia of the Arab Spring, a moment of the Yemeni exception, given the specificity of the situation and the battle in Yemen, which was at a meeting of revolution and controversy in a barricade in the mountains of Yemen and its plains and valleys, which was a meeting point and corrected a false image and distorted the Emirate for all the Changes in the Arab world. However, the specificity of the situation in Yemen is that the demise of the February 11 revolution will lead Iran to control the Yemen scene, and then regional, as the alternative to this revolution will lead to a vacuum, will only fill Iranian project militants. This is what happened because it was not the agenda of the brethren in the Gulf of an existential and strategic enemy, but the current spring revolution, led by Islamists, and not Iran and its militia, which today occupy all Arab countries and on the road to devour more in the light failure of the Arab Alliance in Yemen.
The intensification of the demonization campaign against the Islah party and its personnel, and the denial of its great efforts in the process of resistance and liberation, was the language and clear direction of the UAE during the war, which means that the UAE has a declared goal to guess everything pertaining to revolutionary changes. Iran and its militia benefited from this situation in Iraq, Syria and Yemen and led to the coalition's failure to resolve the war in Yemen because of this policy that goes beyond the complexity of the complex reality of Yemen. , It is very early to talk about improving relations between the two parties, especially since the United Arab Emirates, or Abu Dhabi, continues to be considered as an exclusive means of removing what it calls political Islam and all that pertains to the Arab Revolution of Spring, Between UAE and legitimate the Yemeni government that sought the UAE From the very first moment it was undermined by the creation of armed militias outside the framework of legitimate state institutions in the liberated areas.
Most importantly, Islah's leadership must also be drawn from the circle of goals under which the United Arab Emirates finances and nurtures in Yemen's revenue and makes the party always a compromising party after the concession to avoid further targeting him and his staff. The UAE leadership discovery is excluded at this stage, which does not serve legitimacy or "reform" itself, which should seek a sincere and open disclosure of targeting policy, which receives and gets staff and the role of the Alliance battle.
In addition, the "reform" is trying not to extend the frontline to the National Front account

But exaggerating concessions to the account of the party and its staff is not so much a matter of politics, but a cowardly move, it does not serve as the title of true reconciliation that establishes partnership in the national battle in which "reform" has done so much.
From today's party it is not necessary to make concessions without real guarantees not to continue campaigning for targeted media, political and security, this policy is not useful since it is working on a weakening every day, as the experience has shown, but required disclosure and openness, to complete the battle for liberation, not to be targeted afterwards, and deal with it through the door of Yemeni legitimacy as one of its constituents.
But what was not understood was the sudden United Kingdom position that led to the leadership of the "reform" in the capital to discuss a number of issues, particularly in view of the growing international demands for war and peace movement in Yemen. , Which means that the UAE may seek to meet the leaders of the "reform" to seem to have a good relationship with them and not target them at all, and their door is governed by all parties in Yemen.
Such a meeting is very necessary to stop further interference in the Yemeni dossier, but the question is whether the seriousness of the UAE in this context or not, just tactics, is to continue the game again in everything relating to the force of revolution and change in Yemen, Now it is not foreseeable. But we are waiting for days, maybe for several weeks and months, at least.

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