Thursday , May 6 2021

New settings in Windows .. Unplug the USB devices without any damage

Microsoft has introduced some changes to Windows 10, most notably the way Windows 10 works with the separation of external storage devices, including USB devices, external hard drives, and data communications between computers and smartphones.

Prior to switching off previous versions of Windows, the default policy was to set "best performance", meaning that Windows manages data transfer and storage in a way that improves performance.

But in Windows 10 v1809, the default rules will be "Quick Uninstallation," and here, external storage devices can be shut down without following the "Safely Remove Hardware" process.

By removing Windows as a default system, Windows will not save a disk cache, which means that data that is transmitted to an external storage device may take longer to ship or may be damaged when the device is removed too quickly.

Users can change their virtual default removal policy on a single device, allowing users to copy external hard drives or copy business documents to a USB device to ensure secure data transfer, according to ZDNet.

How to change the default rule for external storage from quick removal to better performance:
1. Open the "Start" menu and select "File Explorer".
2. Select the option associated with the USB drive.
3. Right-click the Start button and select "Manage Disks".
4. Right-click the device icon again and select Properties.
5. Define the rules you want to use from the "Rules".

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