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On the anniversary of her birth … Meet the most important moments in the life of the first theater lady Munir Mahdia in my country

Famous artist Zakia Hassan Mansour, famous for her singing mastery, has succeeded in digging a prominent name in the field of art in the Arab world, and she is considered to be the first woman on the stage in the Arab world and the first Arabian singer who has recorded multiple CD music.

His beginning

Born in Sharkia Province in Mahdia village, her father died, still young, and then nursed, started her career as a singer in small concerts, and one night the cafe owner impressed her voice, where she urged her to travel with him Cairo on the road full of glory success.

Her artistic career

In 1905 he expanded his glory in great Cairo very quickly and called Balttana Tarab, he did not stay long until I founded his own club called "picnic soul" and soon became the convergence of the giants of thought

Both in print and politics in Egypt, but also in the Arab world, she had a strong and leading personality that made her one of the most famous artists of that time.

She was the first Egyptian woman on stage to play the role of Hasan in the novel of Sheik Salam Hijaz, and then she worked with the band Aziz Eid in 1915. She also adopted a number of female questions through her theater and art. The press is called the "Air of Freedom" on stage Munira Mahdia.


Though he was an embodiment of a man's role, he wrote on the aviator "First Actress" and collaborated with the most famous poets and composers of his time, where he had

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He played a major role in discovering the generation of musician Mohameda Abdel Wahaba, and he worked with Italian filmmaker Volpi in the Ghandoura movie in 1935.

Mounira Mahdia wrote on Afichat's "First Actress" even though she was a man and then divorced from Aziz Eid band and formed her own band and presented the most famous works of Sheik Salam Hijaz. He also collaborated with renowned poets and curators of his generation and is credited with the discovery of Mohameda musician Abdel Wahaba. Mounira Mahdia starred in the film "Ghandoura" in 1935, and her only film was directed by Italian director Fulby.

Return after retirement

After twenty years of withdrawing from art, she decided to return to the stage, but then Umm Kulthum was awarded the throne of musical art in Egypt and the Arab world, Munira found nothing but to withdraw completely and take time to raise pets.

Her death

She died on March 11, 1965 at the age of 80 after a long journey of art and tenderness, leaving the legacy of artistic works that were a breakthrough in the theater.

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