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Paradox of schizophrenia

Necessity whatsoever

Paradox of schizophrenia

Release Date: 31/01/2019

Abdul Latif Al-Zubaidi

Why did all civilizations throughout history characterize their behavior as schizophrenics? Can anyone find an exception? Shops. Those who have come out of learning and spiritual tributes, those based on platelets and Awalya eggs and their development to our time, all have a double-behavioral seal: tops of values ​​in their hands and other crimes of nature. More surveillance and investigation will surely increase without exception.
Easy on the board. This is the USA in front of you, standing on a civilizational pyramid, of which the last twenty centuries is a Christian Jew, preceded by centuries-old mythology and paganism, Greek and Roman. Ask her: What is schizophrenia? How did they combine Harvard, Princeton, MIT, the Vietnam War, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Afghanistan and Iraq, and twenty more columns to mention only the big mills? What are all these disturbances in the character of civilization? Like those like Willa Duranta and the strike by John Bolton, they are all American faces.
NASA sent humans and probes to the Moon and Mars, one of which is a "Voyager" who is about to leave the solar system while the war machine sends millions to the other world. The Web is bored to all mankind with knowledge, knowledge, art, and technology so that no one can worry about their readers, listeners, and viewers, even if he has lived a million years while the other network of spiders looks at people as if they were flies. And dry his fountain.
What is Schizophrenia That Has No Decline? No country has undergone scientific research. Science and technology to the peaks that have flown US, how are conditions and horrors in terms of human values? Did Adalah Announce Abuse of the Weak? Do you use the features of the Third World and cultivate as a trade, a message? Why does schizophrenia have empires?
Is it allowed to give up obvious contradictions and strive to be homely compassionate democracy, just humankind on the planet?
Necessary result: Intellectual result: Civilization is therefore not civilized, because it is like predators in the jungle law, feeding its young people by killing others.

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