Sunday , April 11 2021

“Pensions”: Payment of pensions for the month of February tomorrow – UAE – news and reports

The Directorate for General Pensions and Social Insurance said: Old-age pensions for the current month of February will be paid tomorrow.

Pensions paid for this month amounted to 593 million and 865 thousand and 496 dirhams, compared to 502 million and 396 thousand and 268 dirhams last February, an increase of 91 million and 469 thousand and 228 dirhams, indicating that the total number of beneficiaries from payments amounted to 41,494, compared to about 40,048 in February.Last year, with an increase of 1,446 beneficiaries.

Hanan Al-Sahlawi, CEO of the pension sector, said: The old-age pension remains the ultimate goal of social security participation as it ensures a stable income of the insured and his family from any risk that arises while he is at work or after retirement, adding that there is competent authority and the insured to achieve the objectives of the social security system, on the one hand, the insured continues to work as long as possible to increase government insurance resources, represented by contributions that the Commission, on the other, optimally invests to provide him with the best post-retirement benefits .

It should be noted that these expenditures include civilians who are subject to the provisions of the Law on Pensions and Social Security no. 7 of 1999, as well as civilians and military personnel whose files are managed by the Directorate on behalf of the Ministry of Finance in accordance with the pension laws to which they are subject.


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